Theresa May Blocks 9/11 Survivors Finding Out Truth About Saudi Arabia

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British PM Theresa May blocks 9/11 survivors and families from finding out truth about Saudi Arabia's involvement in attacks

British Prime Minister Theresa May has blocked 9/11 victims and their families from finding out the extent of Saudi Arabia’s involvement in the attacks. 

Survivors of the attacks are urging May to release a censored report commissioned by former PM David Cameron which details how the Saudi regime funded Wahhabi terror and helped orchestrate the attacks on September 11, 2001. reports:

The 9/11 survivor’s letter reads:

“The UK now has the unique historic opportunity to stop this killing spree of Wahhabist-inspired terrorists by releasing the UK’s Government report on terrorism financing in the UK which, according to media reports, places Saudi Arabia at its centre of culpability.

The longer Saudi Arabia’s complicity is hidden from sunlight, the longer terrorism will continue.

We respectfully urge you to release the report now, finished or unfinished.

We ask you to consider all the victims of state-sponsored, Saudi-financed terrorism, their families and the survivors in the UK and all over the world.

Additionally, our democratic freedoms continue to be compromised. How can the UK public have confidence in their safety if nothing changes?”