Covid Jabs To Be Made Mandatory For 1.2 Million NHS Staff

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UK health secretary Sajid Javid has announced frontline NHS staff and those who work in social care will have to be vaccinated against covid from April in order to keep their jobs.

The mandatory vaccines will be introduced to NHS England’s 1.2 million full-time staff, including, doctors, nurses, dentists and domiciliary care workers as will ancillary staff like porters and receptionists who may have contact with patients but are not involved directly in their care.

The Expose reports: Javid said 90% of NHS staff have received at least two doses of a COVID-19 vaccine, although he added that in some trusts the figure is “closer to 80%”. However there are still 103,000 staff in the health service in England alone who are unvaccinated, and an additional 105,000 domiciliary care workers. “It’s hard to know what portion of that number will take up the offer of vaccination,”, said the health secretary.


However, top doctors have warned that giving NHS staff a no jab, no job ultimatum would have a ‘devastating’ impact on staffing in the health service, top doctors have warned. The British Medical Association (BMA) warning from only a few days ago as the government were only considering making both Covid and flu vaccines mandatory for NHS staff, with any who refuse facing the sack. 

 “There are around 100,000 NHS workers in England who have not yet had their first vaccine.the BMA said and here is already a staffing shortfall of nearly 10,000 medics and almost 40,000 nurses in England. As the country heads into potentially one of the toughest winters ever for the NHS.  the threat of sacking staff was ‘of grave concern’ considering upcoming seasonal pressures and the massive NHS care backlog!.(source)

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