Politically Correct Australian Gov’t Bans Use Of Words ‘Boy’ And ‘Girl’

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Australian officials have banned use of the words "boy" and "girl" in children's stories and have ordered books containing the b- and g- words to be removed from schools.

Politically correct Australian officials have banned use of the words “boy” and “girl” in children’s stories and have ordered books containing the b- and g- words to be removed from schools and libraries. 

Once known as the most straight-talking nation on earth, Australia has slowly degenerated into the most politically correct, with cultural leftists in power throughout the land, dominating public discourse, shouting down ideas they don’t approve of, and banning “offensive” words like “boy” and “girl” – henceforth known as the b- and g- words out of consideration for our sensitive Australian readers.

According to News.com.au, city councils in Melbourne and Manningham — both in the state of Victoria — are auditing materials to see if they comply with “new gender guidelines” and have urged those guidelines to include a ban on the b- and g-words.

If the materials fail the test, they will be deemed “dangerous” and removed from schools and libraries.

You may not be surprised that these guidelines come out of a study done by academia — namely, the Australian National University, which found that “children were influenced by gender stereotyping” and recommended that boys and girls stop learning that they are boys or girls. or being given words such as the b- or g- word in which to differentiate themselves from each other.

Social media was abuzz, mostly with parents calling this absurd.

For goodness sake, this is social engineering gone crazy,” Marie Hardwick wrote. “Leave kids alone to be kids. Stop trying to destroy kids’ childhoods.”

This needs to stop. I’ve got a two-year-old daughter (yes I picked her gender based on what genitals she was born with) and she plays with cars, trains, tractors, Barbies, dolls and uses her imagination and pretends she’s cooking food or being a doctor. Let’s just let kids be kids,” Sarah Lovejoy wrote.

Conservative Tribune reports: One of the comments in favor of the ban, however, is more interesting to analyze, if just because it shows the insidiousness of this kind of political correctness.

The research is actually very interesting. What they’re telling people to do is … don’t tell girls they have to play with Barbies and don’t tell boys they have to play with Lego,” commentator Cath Webber said.

It may seem crazy but we know it’s an unconscious thought pattern that little girls get into or little boys get into.

“There has to be a reason why in science, technology, engineering, maths in this country we have such a low rate of females in that industry. If they were choosing to play with Lego … why not just encourage people to say ‘play with what you want as kids’. That’s all this is about.”

The thing is that the kind of environment that Webber is describing is exactly the opposite from what is actually being imposed. It isn’t saying “don’t tell girls they have to play with Barbies and don’t tell boys they have to play with Lego.” It’s saying, first of all, we can’t say “boys” or “girls” in the first place. We have to ban the very concept of there being a male or a female in order to force equality of outcome in fields like science, technology, engineering, maths.

This is the great paradox — a melange of ideas that don’t cohere and yet are supposed to inform how we educate the boys and girls that we aren’t supposed to call boys and girls.

It’s supposed to eliminate gender stereotypes by eliminating gender entirely; beyond the fact that this idea is biologically absurd, the fact that the cultural left feels the need to take the dramatic and draconian step to eliminate the words “boy” and “girl” from any school or library literature would seem to indicate the fact that their decades-long efforts in this direction have failed at their aims.

And even if common sense wins out, it doesn’t stop here; proponents of the plan will no doubt grouse they were defeated by hidebound bigots and repurpose the idea in a slightly newer wineskin a few years from now. And then it spreads and it spreads, and suddenly it’s the policy of your school district, too.

This is the slippery slope that we’re on — and if we don’t make every effort to get off now, things are going to get a whole lot more absurd.

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