Marijuana Prohibition To End In U.S

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marijuana-ron paul
marijuana-ron paul

Last week Two Federal Marijuana Legalization Bills Were Introduced In Congress.
If passed it would make the plant legal at the federal level.
The Bill aims to set up a federal policy of regulations to help those states who choose to legalize.
Its aim is not to enforce legalization of the weed on any of the other states.

Currently, recreational marijuana is legal in four states (Colorado, Washington, Oregon and Alaska) as well as the District of Columbia; and medical marijuana is legal in 23 states, according to Governing. However, marijuana remains illegal at the federal level.

The two proposed bills would guarantee that any state that legalizes pot could do so without interference from the federal government. Currently, the federal government “allows” legal recreational pot, and legal medical pot, inasmuch as it has promised not to interfere in those states’ legal pot trades, and Congress has not allocated any money in the current budget for such interference.

The first of the two proposed marijuana legalization bills comes from Rep. Jared Polis (D-Colorado). The Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol Act would completely remove marijuana from the government’s list of controlled substances, and subject it to the same federal regulations currently governing alcohol, according to Counter Current News.

The second is the Marijuana Tax Revenue Act, introduced by Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-Oregon). Blumenauer’s bill would place a federal excise tax on federally-regulated marijuana.


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