University Students Threaten To Cut Off Penises To Protest Trump’s Wall

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Students at liberal universities are threatening to cut off their penises if Trump presses ahead with plans to erect the border wall.

Two students at the University of California have “threatened” to “cut off” their penises if President Trump presses ahead with plans to erect the US-Mexico border wall.

The bizarre, self-defeating protest seems to be catching on, as four students at the University of Washington have also threatened to remove their reproductive anatomy if Trump fulfills the campaign promise that got him democratically elected.

Washington Sophomore Trent Griliphaen said he was inspired by the movement at The University of California, and that he thinks that Trump’s construction of the wall is “just an extension of his penis, and an expression of patriarchal rape culture.”

Really, by building the wall, we are raping the Mexican people, and I am no longer willing to be a perpetrator of rape culture. If I remove my penis, I am making a statement that I reject this mentality.

Griliphaen was apparently the first student at UW to embrace this movement, and according to him, he has inspired three other male students to commit to emasculating themselves when construction of the new border wall commences.

I heard about what was happening in California, and new that this kind of movement could gain traction up here – we are a progressive state,” Griliphaen said.

I kind of feel guilty, I’m removing my penis, but one of the other guys is going to castrate himself, and he’s even considering taking off a couple of fingers.”

I hereby nominate Trent Griliphaen and his liberal college comrades for the Darwin Award. By removing their reproductive organs, the human gene pool can only be improved.

The Darwin Awards salute the improvement of the human genome by honoring those who
accidentally remove themselves from it…”

In other news worthy of Darwin Award nominations, it has become fashionable on Twitter for liberals to pledge “not to have children” in order to protest President Trump. What a shame, huh – no liberal children being born for the foreseeable future.

Way to go, guys! Keep up the protest! On a long enough timeline, this means liberals will die out altogether.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry


  1. Seems like a good idea, they don’t need to breed. Their kids would be embarrassed of their parents bratty behavior.

  2. Matter of fact since our only job on this planet is to reproduce, they probably could save the planet and kill themselves. Less Co 2 that way.

  3. Maybe they just self identify as female, and don’t have the money for the operation. The wall is a stupid BS thing which if started, will never be completed. we have larger things to worry about.
    “Greater Israhell Project.
    And, Trump IS the Swamp.

  4. cool..very fucking cool.. go for it dickless dogs….lol.. hilarious… are they going to use one of their broken beer bottles ;llllololol lest hope they video it and post it to youtube…gives a whole new meaning to the word venerel….. I mean…umm viral… HahahahaHilarious…

  5. Instead of cutting off your dicks. Spend a little time considering how a country of 330,000,000 people end up with the two screwballs you ended up with. It’s not Trumps fault, he just took advantage of 330,000,000 dumb dicks. Get a grip of your politics not your dicks. Dick heads

  6. These people are so stupid. If they don’t want to make babies, all they have to do is to resist impregnating women by any means available, which include abstinence, wear a condom, get a vasectomy, or cut off your nuts, not your penis, you morons. Murdering the baby is not an option, if you really are so concerned about the prospects of how the baby would suffer in this new era.

  7. You can shoot my president (you’ll just create 3 more of him if you do) you can riot in my city, you can lie to my face; but you’ll never take my penis (unless I’m giving it to you; still attached to rest of me)

  8. Please do so, obviously they are not needed and should be removed quickly without the slightest delay.

  9. Stupid people shouldn’t breed…. they are welcome to cut their own junk off as far as I am concerned.

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