Gay Pride Event For Children Features Drag Queens, Antifa and Satanists Performing ‘Unbaptisms’

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A Satanist 'children's ministry' in Tennessee has announced plans to teach the tenets of Satanism to students who don't want to study the Bible and would prefer to worship the devil.

A gay pride event for children in Idaho will feature drag queens and Satanists who are promising to perform “unbaptisms” and tell the children “Satan loves you for you.”

The local chapter of Antifa have also promised to show up and “protect the community” from anyone who has a problem with their children being around Satanists and drag queens.

The “Pride in the Park” event, set to take place in Coeur d’Alene on Saturday, is billed as a “family friendly celebration of LGBTQ+ diversity.

According to the North Idaho Pride Alliance website, The Satanic Temple will be in attendance handing out material and talking to children and “unbaptizing” those who are interested.

@TSTIdaho will be at Coeur D’Alene’s “Pride in the Park” event next Saturday, June 11th from 10am-3pm!” tweeted one member. “We will have merchandise and performing unbaptisms for those interested! Just know, Satan loves you for you! Hail Satan!”

As the Idaho Tribune’s Johnston Meadows documents, “Among the satanists, there will be a plethora of LGBT speakers and performers, many of who are drag queens.”

Among the sponsors, there will be an Idaho HIV, STD & Hepatitis prevention and care booth, for children to learn about how gay people are at a much greater risk of contracting such diseases, due to their poor life choices,” he adds.

Summit report: Members of Antifa are also planning to turn up to “protect” members of the LGBT community from protesters and anyone who might have a problem with their kids being around satanists or drag queens.

Leftists get irate at conservatives for calling them “groomers” when they advocate exposing kids to drag queens, whose entire act is based on sexualized fetishes.

However, at least for the satanists who will attend the event, they have openly stated their intention to groom children for membership.

The issue of kids being exposed to drag queens has once again been raging following outrage over footage from a Texas drag queen show which included children being made to perform catwalks and hand dollar bills to men dressed as women who performed sexualized dance routines.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry


  1. 1. Satan is a fictitious literary character in a myth created by men.
    2. Satan exists in some people’s imaginations, nowhere else.
    3. Satan worshipers simply have out-of-control imaginations.

    • Satan exists, God exists. No question this is the truth. I hope you realize this soon.
      Satan is not a forked tailed devil like depicted. That is BS.
      Read the Book of Enoch. this will open your eyes a little to get you to understand what is going on today.
      This is a battle for men’s hearts that has been going on since the beginning.
      Did you know that Eve had twins that were from different fathers? Eve was seduced by the Serpent and introduced to sex, then she went and shared this new thing to Adam. She gave birth to Abel, and Cain. Cain was not the son of Adam.
      So today there are mixed blood lines from Cain and Seth. Seth was later born to replace Abel.
      Cain had an odd appearance.

    • The wilfully ignorant. Thank goodness for them! The gate is narrow and few will enter. If I think how I’ve had to spend a lifetime with fools like yourself on this plane, its a relief to know I won’t have to spend eternity with them as well.

  2. KABUKI arts and death acts same as 99% of TV&MovieDUM most kids have AR-15s so a stage act is`nt gona change them much anyway.200 million NEW AR sells in the last ten years in america

  3. Bitter than a active shooter gallery public school setting with NO police backup.BUT they have been getting it right the last few times.GONE&GONE the fastOR the dead?

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