Ilhan Omar: Biden ‘Victory’ Has ‘Put Us in Charge’

Fact checked
Rep. Ilhan Omar says Biden victory has put 'us' in charge

Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar claims Joe Biden’s “victory” is a result of the GOP allowing “chaos to reign for four years” under a Trump administration.

During an interview on MSNBC’s “AM Joy,” Omar put Biden’s “victory” down to the American people deciding to “put us in charge.”

“When you think about our party, Speaker Pelosi always says we are a big tent, and that means we are a big family. We all have our own constituencies that we have to serve.”

“We are part of a caucus that is working on behalf of the people. We think of ourselves as the party of the people.”

“Again, like I said, there’s economic and social despair that’s being felt by so many Americans,” Omar added.

“There was a movement that happened this summer; that movement delivered this victory, the rise of the amount of people that registered to vote.”

“We owe it to the movement to make sure that the chaos they voted against does not follow us to our caucus, and to make sure that the justice they seeked [sic] is implemented in the policies that we advocate for,” Omar said.

“I know that Biden invited the American people to be a unifying force against darkness.” 

“And as a caucus, we have to be unified against that. To think about allowing ourselves to get the Republicans to decide how we are to function as a caucus is really painful because this is, you know, a party that has lied, that has smeared, that has used everything that they can to attack us, and it’s a party that has been against the social and economic justice we’ve all been fighting for.”

“It’s a party that has allowed for chaos to reign for four years.”

“So, the American people have decided to put us in charge to say we want to see something different,” Omar continued.

“And we can’t disappoint them…”


  1. The evidence is clear He lost But the facts are plain ” in the end times the stench of corruption shall reach all the way to Heaven “

  2. If you look at the Map of the US election The small blue circles is what the Democrats control by voter fraud. . The huge area that is red of the rest of the United States is what Free people control . You can have your crime ridden shit holes.

  3. So the headline and her comment prove she should not hold office and how stupid she is by saying they are in charge, when it is the people that are in charge in a republic. the people she has no respect for and they should rise up and tar and feather her and send her to her homeland.

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