DC Leaks: White House Use Gmail To Send Sensitive Information

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White House staffer caught using Gmail to send sensitive information

DC Leaks has released emails from a White House staffer which show sensitive documents and information being sent via Gmail. 

White House staffer Ian Mellul works in the White House to coordinate official trips for First Lady Michelle Obama and VP Biden whilst also serving on Hillary’s presidential campaign.

Zerohedge.com reports:

Ian Mellul is a member of White House Office staff. He coordinates with United States Secret Service and local law enforcement agencies to help maximize the safe exposure of the First Lady and the Vice President of the United States, during official trips and visits. At the same time he works for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

The emails come from Mellul’s personal gmail account, spanning February 2015 through July 2016, and contain a mix of detailed planning logistics, internal campaign chatter and other materials from both the White House and Clinton campaign.  A full list of the emails can be reviewed on the DC Leaks website.

The following tweet was sent out earlier by DC Leaks exposing the hack.


The leaks included the alleged passport of Michelle Obama…


And logistics photos, like the one below, intended to coordinate press events for the Hillary campaign.


The White House declined to comment on the leak but both the LinkedIn and Twitter accounts for Mellul were deleted on Thursday morning.

Of course, the key question here remains why is official government business being conducted through personal gmail accounts in obvious violation of the federal records act?  Moreover, who exactly at the White House thinks it’s acceptable to send Michelle Obama’s passport to the gmail account of a 22 year old recent college grad?

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