Leaked Memo Reveals ‘Woke’ Disney Teetering on Brink of Financial Collapse

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Disney was once the byword for quality family entertainment, but a leaked memo from CEO Bob Chapek to staff has revealed the media giant is now teetering on the brink of financial collapse.

Disney is suffering over $1.4 billion in streaming losses and a stock drop of around 39% for the year.  And these epic financial declines are inevitably leading to huge employee layoffs.

Disney has put a freeze on hiring, has limited employee travel and is also reviewing workers for efficiency with plans to introduce swingeing cuts as a means to make the radically downsized company “more nimble.”  CEO Bob Chapek noted in a leaked memo to senior staff:

“As we work through this evaluation process, we will look at every avenue of operations and labor to find savings, and we do anticipate some staff reductions as part of this review.

…I am fully aware this will be a difficult process for many of you and your teams. We are going to have to make tough and uncomfortable decisions.”

In the memo Chapek mentions the problem of “macroeconomic factors” out of Disney’s control.  He does not, however, mention his habit of bending the knee and groveling to woke activists, attempting to sabotage Florida’s anti-grooming legislation for public schools, or the company’s steady supply of content that pushes far-left narratives.

Chapek also failed to mention the problem of pedophile rings involving Disney workers, which are now so prevalent within the organization that Florida law enforcement have started cracking jokes about the scourge.

Zero Hedge report: It is not so much the “macroeconomic factors out of Disney’s control” that are causing the conglomerate’s downfall.  Rather, it is all the factors within their control, including their refusal to produce content that consumers actually want. 

American audiences are done with leftist propaganda in their films and television and are now actively researching and avoiding any content that promotes woke ideology and social justice talking points.  After around five years of consumers withholding their money, Disney is finally starting to feel the pain.

This is what happens when a company markets its products to a tiny minority of leftist activists and LGBT fanatics, most of whom have very little money to spend anyway.  Specifically, parents are concerned with Disney’s “family entertainment” evolving to focus on LGBT characters, being that LGBT concepts are purely sexual in nature and far outside of the understanding of the average child.  Highlighting the obscure sexuality of characters within a children’s production is a bizarre notion.       

Furthermore, the company’s hostility towards Florida’s Parental Rights In Education bill, which makes it illegal for public school teachers to groom young children with sexualized concepts and gender ideology, raises questions among consumers about Disney’s agenda in entertainment.

It is therefore no surprise that the company is now floundering, with a vast array of politically motivated box office bombs and streaming disasters that struggle to bring in even moderate viewership.  Though they will never openly admit it, ultimately, Disney proves yet again that going woke also means going broke.  

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry


  1. Sad for those who lose their jobs but it’s so good to see these satanic cabal companies going down. Disney is pedo central & pedos must be executed.

    • There’s millions of them. It’s generational from centuries going back to Romes annual celebration of Juvenalia. An orgy they had each year with the kids as their religion. Its bred into them from birth.

  2. Wrong Disney was not “quality” entertainment ever Europeans raised under nazi programming new Disney was evil from the start Dumbarse Americans didn’t. Now they’re reaping Disneys seeds.

  3. Mickey is Catholic slang and it means a bastard an illegitimate child or person. A man is not a mouse. Mickey mouse was an insult but Americans are too dumb to think. They’re stupid people because they drink, their parents were drunks often they drank heavily during prohibition, even the women in the roaring twenties. They took drugs too. Drugs aren’t new. They sat there watching their kids watching Disney, singing mickey mouse had a house and thought it was good education. They are still the same Even dumber now though and they still don’t know it. Still “think” They’re smart and got it all worked out as they spew the latest new Google propagandas, their new world nazi saviour act. It’s not entirely their fault though they are the MOST BRAIN DAMAGED people on the planet and they refuse to even admit it. They use denial for everything.

  4. They will get a bail out from the Central banks. Not to worry. They will save their child pornography network asset.

  5. Disney has plenty of money, don’t fall for such nonsense. When other studios hit with Covid restrictions paid their employees their wages, Disney went immediate to pink slips and layoff notices to send their “family” of employees onto State paid unemployment. A piss poor liberal business policy at Disney could not mixed well in a capitalist economy. It has failed to increase income and profits. The Board of Directors should step up and fire the leading executives with such limp business models, and at the same time remove those next level of management who failed to offer the board timely alternatives. The Board itself needs new reshuffling, as their members also failed.

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