AOC Says $174K+ Congressional Salary Is Too Low, Demands Raise

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New York freshman Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has begun agitating for a raise, stating that her $174,000 per annum salary, plus vast funds for benefits and other perks, is just not enough. 

New York freshman Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has begun agitating for a raise, stating that her $174,000 per annum salary, plus vast funds for benefits and other perks, is just not enough.

AOC came out with a long list of statements on Twitter attempting to justify a raise for Congress, suggesting it’s the one way to fight back against “dark money loopholes,” i.e., corruption.

According to AOC, members of Congress are “pressured” to “keep dark money loopholes open” because their six-figure salaries are so miserly.

But her online audience isn’t taking it well.

In fact, she’s being accused of, well, not putting the country first.

WND report: Twitter user “misinforminimalism” questioned, “So it’s extortion?” That theme was echoed by Stephen L. Hall, who said, “Sounds a bit like extortion.”

The congresswoman, a former bartender, stated, “Yep. Voting against cost of living increases for members of Congress may sound nice, but doing so only increases pressure on them to keep dark money loopholes open.”

Her point being that members of Congress cannot make it on their salary of $174,000 a year, plus vast funds for benefits and other perks.

Of course, individuals such as the House speaker get more.

“This makes campaign finance reform *harder,*” she continued, “ALL workers deserve cost of living increases, incl min wage workers.”

“So if taxpayers don’t give her money she’ll be forced to take dark money and stuff. She really thought this was a good argument?” questioned Twitter news aggregator Twitchy.

Ocasio-Cortez went on to explain that voting against raises for Congress just punishes “members who rely on a straight salary, and rewards those who rely on money loopholes and other forms of self-dealing. For example, it incentivizes the horrible kinds of legislative looting we saw in the GOP tax scam bill.”

Another anonymous respondent, Mel, wrote, “Nah, really I shouldn’t care about their struggles. Would it be ok if I went to HR and said, pay me 5K more or I’ll start embezzling? Nope. Every city in America is expensive, if u can’t figure it out on 175K then no I don’t think u have the life skills to be sitting in Congress.”

Eric Spencer added, “It’s starting. She talks about capping income for us, but doesn’t think twice about calling for pay increases for the government. Kids, just say no to socialism.”

Another, Gianbattista, also anonymous, wrote, ” Wait… what!!!! If you don’t give us more money we’re going to be corrupt? Ahahahahahahahahahahaha.”

When Ocasio-Cortez’ comments demanding raises were revealed, “hella tidy” said, “The problem is greed.”

Michael Skotnicki said, “So AOC is suggesting that being a member of Congress should make you so personally wealthy that you won’t want to earn lots of money lobbying after you lose or retire? Actually, it would make them more accustomed to a lifestyle far removed from the electorate.”

Douglas E. Fresh wrote, “$174,000 for 138 days of ‘work’ sounds more than fair.”

The New York socialist actually has been a nonstop source of outlandish statements.

Investigative reporter Sara Carter has posted online a video of Ocasio-Cortez getting corrected on policy, practice and the law by an FBI agent.

Over and over.

Twitter users immediately jumped on her attempts to “turn white supremacy into domestic terrorism.”

Twitchy wrote, “We could watch AOC getting schooled by an FBI official on domestic terrorism ALL day.”

Ocasio-Cortez recently insisted on subpoenas for certain members of the Trump administration with security clearances because she feared they will be “putting nuclear codes in Instagram DMs.”

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  1. Congress should be all-volunteer with a 2 term limit. Think of how much it costs to support these scumbags, let alone the money they steal in their side deals. This person is an abomination.

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