“Concerned Mom” Who Organized Gun Control Protest Was Paid Thousands By CNN

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Mom who organized anti-gun protests was on CNN's payroll

Clare Schexnyder, the “concerned mom” who organized gun control protests and school boycotts in the wake of the Florida shooting, was paid hundreds of thousands of dollars by CNN.

The Georgia mother is getting huge amounts of national press attention over her National School Walkout protest – but what the mainstream media is failing to report on is the fact that she worked for nearly two decades at CNN as a senior producer.

Truepundit.com reports: Wait. Anti-gun rally. And CNN, the gun control cable news network.

And CNN and their mainstream media cohorts — in both print, on the web and television — have been giving Schexnyder’s national walkout and other gun-control protests fantastic press.

Perhaps Schexnyder has the best of intentions, as she is raising awareness about school shootings and garnering thousands of students who plan to walk out of their schools in March. One could debate the manner of protests but what is disturbing is the woman’s career at CNN, a network infamous for its fake news. For decades.

And Schexnyder was part of that soiled environment for 17 years, working in numerous roles, including:

Senior Producer for Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Medical Unit 2001 – 2004
Senior Producer, “Inside Politics”, Political Unit 1996 – 2001
Executive Producer, “Daybreak” 1997
Producer, “TalkBack Live”, 1994 – 1996
News Producer, 1991 – 1994
News, Associate Producer 1989 – 1991
Production Assistant, Political Unit 1988

From Decaturish.com:

Clare Schexnyder, a Decatur mom, heard about the massacre on the radio. Then she saw the videos the students recorded inside their classrooms during the carnage. “Then I heard the same continued bullshit from our political representatives of thought and prayers and mental health and I thought, ‘This is never going to stop.’”

She started a secret Facebook group with 400 members to discuss ways to respond to the latest shooting. She went to bed and the next morning it had 2,500 members from all over the country. That group eventually morphed into the 15,000-member strong National Stop School Shootings NOW Facebook group. It has members from around the country and they are planning a nation-wide school walk out on Wednesday, March 14, at 10 a.m. People are also encouraged to walk out of work and their homes during this time as a show of support. The event is being held in coordination with organizers from the Women’s March, Schexnyder said.

The organizers of the national walkout want “students, teachers, administrators and parents walk out of local colleges, universities, high schools, middle schools, elementary schools and pre-schools” to storm out of their classrooms, along with their parents.

But shouldn’t Schexnyder inform those students, teachers, and parents who are following her lead that she worked for the anti-Trump news network before whipping everyone up into a national frenzy first? And then folks can decide if this walkout is grass roots, or an extension of the liberal news media.

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