Trump Supporters Flood Streets of Beverly Hills: ‘the Silent Majority Is Silenced NO MORE’

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Massive crowd of Trump supporters flood the streets of Beverly Hills

Thousands of Trump supporters descended upon Beverly Hills on Saturday, three days ahead of the 2020 presidential election.

The final MAGA rally was met with some initial conflict with far-left protestors, but that didn’t stop the pro-Trump crowd from rallying in support of President Trump.

Whitney R., who attended the rally, said: “the silent majority is silenced no more, chants of hope, freedom, and inclusion rang throughout the streets of Beverly Hills… it was an incredible feeling.”

“#MAGA FREEDOM RALLY – Beverly Hills 10.31.20 AND WE’RE JUST GETTING STARTED,” Latino O’Crazio CornPop wrote on Twitter. reports: “10% for the Big Guy! W.T.F.? Wake up America,” read one Trump supporter’s sign, in reference to Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, proposing a joint venture between the Biden family and the now-bankrupt Chinese private energy company CEFC China Energy Co.

Tony Bobulinksi was supposed to be the CEO of the new entity, called Sinohawk, and an email described a 10 percent stake for the “big guy,” whom Bobulinski said was Joe Biden himself.

Photo: Whitney R.There were at least four previous pro-Trump rallies in Beverly Hills — the most recent on October 24. Breitbart News also previously reported BLM and Antifa protesters crashing the MAGA rally in Beverly Hills on October 3.

“This is Beverly Hills, California today. Thousands of patriots gathered to show their support for President Trump,” wrote Mike Coudrey, who shared a video taken of the rally from aerial view.

“Right Now: Trump Rally Beverly Hills!!!” wrote Alexandra Datig, sharing a video taken from within the crowd.
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