Hillary Clinton Email Indictments ‘Imminent’

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Hillary Clinton indictments 'imminent', House say

A congressional committee has urged U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions to begin the indictments of Clinton aides who perverted the course of justice during the email server investigation. 

The CEO of Denver-based IT management company Platte River Networks, Treve Suazo, is being accused of providing false statements and obstructing justice when he was subpoenaed by the congressional committee last year.

Denverpost.com reports:

The committee wants the case to go before a grand jury.

“Instead of cooperation, the Committee was met with obstruction and refusal to comply with subpoenas and requests for transcribed interviews. These actions, taken together, as well as Mr. Suazo’s false statements to the Committee, made through counsel, support the pattern of obstruction. If left unaddressed, Mr. Suazo’s conduct in ignoring lawful congressional subpoenas, misleading the Committee through false statements, and bald refusal to respond to reasonable requests could gravely impair Congress’s ability to exercise its core constitutional authorities of oversight and legislation,” reads the letter, signed by Smith.

Platte River’s attorney Kenneth F. Eichner said Thursday the company has cooperated with Justice officials. He shared this statement: “Platte River Networks has already fully cooperated with the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. On behalf of the company, we are confident the Department of Justice has moved on.”

Some of the FBI’s findings were released a few months after Director James Comey said the bureau would not recommend criminal charges against Clinton.

The FBI report, which was released in September 2016, included the agency’s interviews with Platte River employees. Among them was newly public information that a Clinton staff member told a Platte employee that Clinton didn’t need access to emails older than 60 days so the retention policy should be changed. But the Platte River employee didn’t make the change until four months later and on realizing this, he used software called BleachBit to scrub the files to prevent recovery.

Smith’s letter contends that Platte River has refused to cooperate with the committee since January 2016. The committee asked questions involving how the server was secured and what that process was. It also asked for every document and communication related to cybersecurity measures taken to secure Clinton’s private server.

When Platte River responded in September, it didn’t answer the questions, according to Smith’s letter, noting that Platte said it “has nothing to produce that is responsive to your subpoena” and “had no relationship with former Secretary Clinton during her time in office.”

A second subpoena, on Sept. 16, 2016, resulted in a response from Platte that said all of its employees would stop voluntarily cooperating with the committee, citing the employees’ Fourth and Fifth amendment rights.

“In light of Mr. Suazo’s conduct in willfully refusing to produce subpoenaed documents to the Committee, the Department should bring the matter before a grand jury,” reads the letter, which goes on to allege which laws Suazo violated. Read the full letter here.


    • Drug running? arms deals? murder? child trafficking? funding terrorists? dealing with terrorist countries? using funds from terrorist countries for election campaigns? lying to congress? lying to the FBI? tax evasion?
      My God, Al Capone went to jail for an extremely far less prosecution – tax evasion.

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