Abortion Employee Decorates Christmas Tree With Forceps: “Abortions Are Magical”

Fact checked
Abortion employee caught decorating tree with forceps to celebrate Christmas

A leftist employee at an abortion clinic boasted about how he was celebrating the festive season by topping his Christmas tree with forceps used to abort babies.

“IT IS LITERALLY IMPOSSIBLE TO TOP OUR TOPPER,” wrote pro-abortion activist Michael Saenz alongside an image of the tree.

Saenz is an employee at CARE, and is in charge of carrying out late-term abortions and operates in Maryland and Nebraska.


Summit.news reports: His Twitter profile also linked to We are Pro-Abortion, a company that sells clothes with phrases such as “I’m cool with abortions,” “abortions are magical” and “abortions today tomorrow and forevermore.”

“The medical director of the clinic, LeRoy Carhart, is one of the most well-known abortionists in the United States,” reports the Christian Post. “He successfully sued Don Stenberg, then the attorney general of Nebraska, after the state implemented a partial-birth abortion ban. His case went all the way up to the Supreme Court and the Stenberg v. Carhart ruling, issued in 2000, found Nebraska’s ban on partial-birth abortion unconstitutional.

Respondents to the tweet reacted with revulsion.

“Horrific, but this is the abortion industry,” wrote Lila Rose. “Why do we allow these facilities to be open in our communities, profiting off of innocent blood shed? Why do we allow people to get a pay check, protected by the law, for slaughtering babies?”

“Celebrate the birth of Jesus with this implement used to dismember babies in the womb’ is a take I didn’t see coming,” commented Ben Shapiro.


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  2. People behaving poorly.. Such a shame this important issue is a political football which eclipses the really crucial issues of peace, prosperity, food and water security and even education.. Which, if achieved on a broad scale would shrink abortions to a small level.

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