Public Urged To Stay Away From Electric Bikes As They Keep Exploding

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Public told to stay away from exploding electric bikes and scooters

The public have been urged to stay away from all electric bikes and scooters due to the fact that they keep exploding and in some cases killing people in the process.

Over the last few years, e-bikes have killed over a dozen people and injured at least 251 in New York City alone, all from fires that sparked from the dangerous lithium-ion battery-powered devices. reports: In 2022, these bikes were the cause of the fourth most fire deaths, according to the FDNY.  And in 2023, there have already been 15 lithium-ion battery-related fires, with one person dead and up to 25 injured. 

Why are these fires happening? 

New York City has had more of these fires than anywhere else in the country because it is so densely populated, and many delivery workers use electric bikes as an easy way to get around. 

However, these bikes often need to be charged at home overnight, and many of them have, unfortunately, been designed with cheap and poorly-made batteries that end up exploding and causing these deadly fires. 

The thing about lithium-ion batteries is that the fires they cause differ from normal fires, which is why they have killed so many. 

The flames spread much faster and will catch any combustible item within seconds. The batteries cannot be extinguished with water or foam because it can cause a reaction and increase the fire. 

Firefighters must use extinguishers explicitly designed for lithium battery fires which contain dry powder, which absorbs the heat and smothers the fire. Compounding the problem with these fires is that they release toxic gases, which pose an extra level of danger. 

What is being done to prevent this? 

In New York, Councilman Robert Holden has introduced legislation that would ban electric scooters and electric bikes until further safeguards are in place. However, this is just one form of legislation. 

Many politicians in New York are working on proposals that would help decrease the fires without having to completely take the bikes away from delivery workers, such as a bill that would legally make people have to charge their batteries outside their homes. 

Also, the New York City fire department has banned e-mobility devices at its headquarters and trained firefighters to respond to lithium-ion battery fires. It is also educating fire departments around the country about the risk. 


  1. Anyone worth a pinch of salt even knew they should never ever ha e been allowed to use lithium for anything.

  2. electric vehicles will always catch fire and or explode when the battery gets wet. when lithium gets wet is start combusing immediately to a fire that can not be extinguished. this is why having lithium batterys in use in commerical aircraft are such a bad idea. cold and condensation are such a high occurance. like the 777 has huge lithium ion battery banks. it is such a ticking time bomb, i can’t believe they designed that in. so stupid. and this fully electric airplane concepts are a joke on so many levels using lithium ion batteries.
    The world has gone crazy.

  3. find a lithium battery in our house and take it apart, put the lithium in a bowl of water. better do this outside. Or just cut the outer plastic and put the whole battery in the bowl of water.

  4. Air flight&space flight have used batterys since the 60`s.SHEILDING has failed IF they go BOOM BOOM

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