World Economic Forum Urges Companies to Fire Unvaccinated Employees as Part of ‘Great Jobs Reset’

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World Economic Forum tells employers to fire unvaccinated employees

The World Economic Forum have been urging corporations to fire its unvaccinated staff as part of a ‘Jobs Reset’.

“Get your COVID-19 jab – or you could face consequences from your employer #COVID19 #JobsReset21,” the now-deleted tweet read. The tweet was accompanied by a graphic showcasing the poll numbers of companies that would fire employees for refusing to take the vaccine.

An article on the WEF website that was linked in the posts made various claims based on polling data such as, “Forty percent of companies surveyed in a new report require all employees to be vaccinated against COVID-19,” “Employees will be encouraged but not required to get a jab by 32% of companies,” and, “Mental health concerns and burn-out have risen up the agenda since the onset of the pandemic.” reports: After receiving intense backlash on the tweet, the WEF unceremoniously deleted it, and quietly made a post with the graphic and link but with a different caption on Tuesday: “Survey: Will employees be required to get the COVID-19 vaccination? #COVID19 #JobsReset21“. The new post’s comments were quickly filled with screenshots of the first, deleted tweet.

Information on the WEF website describes some of the topics that will be discussed at the 2021 Jobs Reset forum in Geneva, Switzerland, such as “Fighting systemic racism: 56 companies form global coalition to bring racial justice to the workplace,”  described as “A new Forum initiative supported by corporate leaders aims to set new global standards for racial and ethnic justice in business.”

As National File previously reported, the Great Reset is a concept first introduced by the WEF that was enthusiastically endorsed by Canadian Prime minister Justin Trudeau as a potential positive byproduct of the Covid-19 pandemic.


  1. Yes ,that Communist Klaus Schwabe invented it .He would want all comrades to COMPLY with the Central Command .

  2. Taking away unemployment benefits, gas prices are through the roof, inflation isn’t ending and now you’re going to have to get the jab to get a job. Nothing to see here….

  3. “And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.”
    I used to think that was farfetched. Now, maybe not so much…

  4. Employer forces you to get jab. Any complications with the jab and the employer is responsible and you can sue.

  5. Completely illegal and immoral forced compliance. I agree with others this is stepping toward a mark of the beast. I am not an anarchist, but it is time to tear these “institutions down”. Destroy the elites now. Drag them from their ivory towers and introduce them to a noose.

  6. This is good. I hope big corps comply and start firing people. It will destroy them and force people to start their own business. Double impact on monopolies and more free people.

    • No it’s not really good, it’s creates a divide that’s encouraging the discrimination of those who decline to be injected with an untested and purely experimental substance that’s already proven to have a terrible track record – for example in the first month there were over 40000 negative side effects – any other time that would trigger an immediate recall of the product.

      In the end it’s better to fight for our rights than to suffer the consequences if we don’t. [no matter where we are – an injustice to anyone of us is an injustice to us all]

      • Well you know. Lemons – lemonade type of deal.
        We’re already suffering. I simply see this as an opportunity to liberate more people.

        • Something needs to happen – In all my time I’ve never witnessed a time such as now where public opinion is massively against the narrative of government who are following their script just like the MSM is obediently following a carefully prepared script as if their next paycheck depended upon it [which it does]

          So apart from Gekaufte Journalisten it should come as no surprize that we also have Gekaufte Politicus.

          This is the trouble with Neocons and Neoliberalism in general is that they’ve been actively working towards the merger of government and private sector.

      • I read a detailed article that showed more people have been killed or seriously injured by these experimental treatments than all other vaccines in the previous decade.

      • Meh…let it happen. Someone who was hired just because they were black won’t do the job any better than someone who was hired just because they were someone’s kid. Those colored people who were good enough, will retain their jobs, and the rest will end up on the street. Too bad, so sad. The only thing I’ll regret is people who are really good, and really care about their jobs being fired just because they are white Americans, and believe in the Constitution.


  7. when the fired employees SUE, and they will sue.. include the idiots on the world economic forum as DEFENDANTS !

    • The Nuremberg 2.0 trials are starting in Canads Superior Court right now A class action led by around 100 top lawyers Judges scientists doctors suing for the fraud and crimes against humanity You can find the details hidden and concealed by bug tech and msn ,all in it together if you hunt. Lord Sumpton is retired uk supreme court judge who states in his affidavits that there was no covid pandemic ever at all and that it’s all a total lie Basically

      • it was admitted in court in Ireland that no one has ever isolated the FAUXVID VIRUS, which begs the question. How do they have the audacity to claim that there are variants to something they’ve never seen in the first place!?!? and oddly, the alleged variants only appeared AFTER the MEDICAL EXPERIMENT MASQUERADING AS A VACCINE WAS ADMINISTERED!
        And remember, FAUXVID magically killed the flu!

  8. And in 1994 Dr Wilner wrote Deadly Deception exposing the National Institue of Health ,especially Dr Fauci as fraudulent liars guilty of genocide worse than a Hitler He injected himself dits in you tube ,with blood from a hiv positive person to show that it was all a fraud. The Health Ranger has continued to show numerous constant frauds perpetrated by the infamous Fauci ever since . Faucis being sued by what they’re calling Nuremberg 2.0 for genocide.

  9. the beast IS the virus WTF2DO go back to the neck beard and basement but now worldwide REMOTE

  10. Yes the neck beard and basement and the dump boots songs via remote Now that sounds like a plan

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