Fox Buiness Host Slams White House For Blaming Biden’s Sinking Poll Numbers On Covid

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Joe Biden Jen Psaki

The White House is attempting to blame President Biden’s falling poll numbers on the coronavirus pandemic.

Jen Psaki said that people are tired of the pandemic and frustrated that not enough people were getting vaccinated claiming that this was the main reason for President Bidens sinking populairity

Daily Caller reports: Psaki, when confronted with a question about Biden’s drop in the polls, said, “We think it is a reflection of people being sick and tired of COVID and some of that is a reflection of people who are vaccinated being frustrated that there’s still the percentage of the population who are not vaccinated. And that is impacting their daily lives.”

“So Dagen, they blame everything on COVID,” Fox News host Dan Bongino said. “Weren’t we just here the other day where the crime spike was COVID too? It’s like everything’s COVID. Inflation, Afghanistan, lockdowns, taxes, I think there’s more than just COVID.”

“It is not the delta variant, actually. It is Joe Biden standing in front of the American people and vilifying the unvaccinated and telling the vaccinated that you have ‘every right to be angry’ with the unvaccinated when – if you are vaccinated, you are okay,” McDowell replied. “You don’t need to be angry at the unvaccinated. Oh, and it was Hunter’s daddy telling the American people how to raise their kids.”

McDowell went on to say that the Biden administration was “untethered to reality” and that their gut instinct, when cornered, was simply to lie.

“When a 3-year-old gets caught with his hand in the Cool Whip in the refrigerator and he lies about it, that is cute. But not this old coot, this commander in chaos and all his minions lying over and over to the American people. Stop acting like we’re stupid.”

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  1. No it’s like Chinese Combination of Pelosi and Biden sweet and sour Fills you up fast and then leaves you feeling empty.

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