US Supreme Court Denies NYC Teachers Request To Block Covid Vaccine Mandate

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supreme court NYC teachers

The Supreme Court has rejected a request from New York City public school teachers to block the city’s covid vaccine mandate.

The emergency appeal was filed to the nation’s highest court on Thursday, but Justice Sonia Sotomayor denied their request unilaterally and without comment on Friday.

RT reports: New York City’s vaccine mandate for public school employees went into effect at 5pm on Friday, putting thousands of workers at risk of losing their jobs. Mayor Bill de Blasio ordered the forced jabs in August, saying New York’s 148,000 school employees must get their first vaccine dose by September 27. About 18% of staffers, including 12% of teachers, reportedly haven’t been inoculated. 

Lawyers for the teachers who fought the mandate in court argued that it would violate their fundamental right to pursue an occupation. They also said the order was unfair because many other city workers who have contact with the public, such as police and firefighters, were allowed to take weekly Covid-19 tests rather than take the shots.

The Supreme Court has now declined to intervene in two cases challenging school vaccine mandates. Justice Amy Coney Barrett rejected an emergency appeal in August by students who sought to nullify Indiana University’s jab mandate. She noted no dissenting opinions from other justices.


    • Same for Kavanaugh & Barrett. With the exception of Justice Thomas, I suspect the rest of them are obedient cabal puppets.

  1. Why do we even have SCOTUS anymore? They’re getting paid for doing absolutely nothing. Wish I had a gig like that.

    • They were formed to verify the Constirional validity of laws passed in the House. That is all they are empowered to do but they have, since the 1980s at least ,actually been creating legislations by default When they act uniluateraly and decline comment you can bet they’ve acted unlawfully. But the educators and msm make sure only those who have studied law understand the truth. They all in it together conspire to absolutely kerp the public as ignorant of the law as they possibly can. Guess why?

  2. It is IMPERATIVE that the people of the western Christian democracies understand the foundations of lawx. All law comes from belief in God and Christianity everywhere except on Islamic Sharia Law states and maybe Shinto Japan Buddhist China and Hindu India although from western invasions its quite likely, totally probable that the first thing they did was impose their law. The Pope is only entitled to claim moral authority for rule of law over the world because he assumes the role of God’s Steward. For no other reason. The Royals are only crowned on a cathedral by a priest because their position is only legal as it comes from God. No judge in any court or lawyer or police or any law enforcement agent has any legal VALIDITY of the Pope is not a Christian, if the Royals are not a Christian under Crown Law . By their OWN law
    Now Oxford University has just apologised because it ran a Christian training class over summer school and its saying it was a mistake, that if they had known it was Christian they wouldnt have allowed it and they won’t let it happen again. They are only a uni because of Christian law. They have no legality without it. When Pope Benedict revealed that the Vatican residents “hate Jesus and Christians” he revealed that they are frauds. Usurpers imposters pretenders with no valid claim to any of their legal powers and as the Head of the Catholic Church anyone worshipping them is deceived unless they also hate Jesus and Christians. It is absolutely essential that people understand that anyone who hates Jesus Christ is in effect the Anti Christ by definition. That any laws coming from that source are not legal. They are invalid. All of them And they have no authority.
    “and in the end times the whole world shall be deceived” The Bible.

    • And what’s truly frightening, actually the most frightening thing occurring on the planet right now is that they are so CUNFIDENT now they aren’t just not pretending to be Christian, they are OVERTLY being ANTICHRISTIAN.

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