Ukraine Break Ceasefire In Southern Donetsk

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Ukraine accused of breaking ceasefire in Southern Donetsk

Ukraine have broken a ceasefire agreement by launching an attack on the Donetsk People’s Republic on Friday. 

Ukrainian government forces launched an attack in Southern Donetsk, the DPR’s defense ministry confirmed.

In violation of their obligations under the ceasefire, Ukrainian units began attacking our positions at 1:50 p.m. today [10:50 GMT],” DPR Deputy Defense Minister Eduard Basurin official told reporters. reports:

“Ukrainian units, violating their obligations to maintain a ceasefire from 13:50, have started to attack our positions.”

After conducting artillery training with the use of 152 mm guns, enemy units went on the attack with a force of up to one company near the residential area of Leninskoe,” the DPR’s defense department’s spokesperson stated.

According to Basurin, the attack is ongoing under the cover of mortar fire, and a fire fight is currently underway.

The preliminary losses of the enemy include one infantry fighting vehicle destroyed, and 5 security officers eliminated,” he reported.

The defense ministry of the DPR has also demanded that the OSCE take measures to address Ukrainian security forces’ violation of the ceasefire.

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  1. This just maybe happening to distract Russia from Syria and be occupied with Ukraine, so that when Mr. Putin turns his head, the west will try to sucker punch. They’re good at doing that as recent history has shown; a sign of cowardice.

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