Stanford University Professor Claims ‘Aliens Have Been On Earth A Long Time & Are Still Here’

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Dr. Garry Nolan, a pathology professor at Stanford University has said that “Aliens have been on Earth for a long time and are still here”

He claims that experts are working on reverse engineering UFOs that have crash landed.

The professor made the bold statements during a conference in Manhattan last week titled ‘The Pentagon, Extraterrestrial Intelligence and Crashed UFOs.’

The Mail Online reports: Nolan, an immunologist and Nobel Prize nominee was previously commissioned by the CIA to investigate cases of the mysterious Havana Syndrome inflicting embassy officials worldwide, and has conducted experiments analyzing material allegedly jettisoned in UFO flyovers.

He was asked by host Alex Klokus to assign a level of probability to the idea the aliens have been to our planet.

Nolan told Klokus that possibility was ‘100 percent’ and claims that we have probably seen them before, but similar to South American tribes spotting Spanish ships for the first time, we didn’t notice anything different about them.

‘I think it’s an advanced form of intelligence that using some kind of intermediaries,’ he added. 

‘It’s not that they walk among us wearing a skin suit. You’re going to put something there that I think of as an intelligence test.’ 

He says that we’ve likely witnessed alien life on Earth but just not known how to process it. 

‘They’re showing up and saying who amongst you are intelligent enough to realize what it is you’re looking at … ‘Can you see what’s in front of you for what it really is? Can you see the anomalous data point?’

Nolan says that the government’s handling of UAPs – short for ‘Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena,’ the government’s phrase for UFOs – is what drives him to believe this is the truth. 

The Department of Defense has created The All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO), tasked with investigating UFO sightings. 

There have also been public hearings on extraterrestrial life, which Nolan has testified on.

He also cited ‘my personal experiences with one individual who was involved in collecting the original information and my experiences with people who have worked or working on reverse engineering programs of downed crafts.’ 

Nolan then confirmed his knowledge of researchers working on reverse engineering a downed spaceship.

‘A tiny piece of knowledge from that could revolutionize what we’re doing,’ Nolan said. ‘I’m always looking for the opportunity. I’m looking at the upside of this. 

However, he wants people to understand that it’s unlikely any alien life is coming to harm us.

‘I’m not worried about them coming and raiding us or taking our women and children. That’s not my concern. My concern is how do we use it.’

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