Study: Western Millennial Men Are Ditching ‘Masculine’ Values

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Millennial men are ditching traditional masculine value, study finds

A new study has found that millennial men are ditching traditional masculine values in favor of more feminine ones. 

The research, lead by the University of British Columbia, found that younger men in Western societies valued selflessness, social engagement, and health over traditional male values such as physical strength and autonomy. reports: Of course, physique and independence were still prominent values for the 630 Canadian men aged 15 to 29 who took part in the survey, just not as important to participants as selflessness.

In fact, selflessness was by far the top-rated male value. Nine in 10 respondents said that men should should help others, and 88 percent of the respondents agreed that men should be open to new ideas, new people, and new experiences. Eight in 10 felt it imperative that a man gives back to his community.

“Young Canadian men seem to be holding masculine values that are distinctly different from those of previous generations. These values may run counter to long-standing claims that young men are typically hedonistic, hypercompetitive, and that they risk or neglect their health,” notes lead author John Oliffe, nursing professor and head of the men’s health program at UBC, in a news release.

Maintaining tip-top health was also important to the vast majority of men, but that didn’t mean having chiseled abs and twenty-four inch biceps, or “pythons,” as Hulk Hogan would often say. Three-quarters of participants did feel that physical strength was important, but that finding was still notably less than the 87 percent who agreed a man should embody intellectual strength or the 83 percent who viewed emotional strength as highly important. Similarly, only 78 percent of men listed autonomy as a defining “male” characteristic.

“As a millennial myself, I can see these values reflected in the lives of men around me,” says study co-author Nick Black, managing partner at Intensions Consulting, a research firm that helped carry out the survey. “They want to be both caring and strong, both open to others and self-sufficient, and they see no contradiction in these values.”

The researchers believe millennial men are widening their value structure and questioning what it truly means to be masculine.

The study was published April 16, 2018 in the journal Psychology of Men and Masculinity.


  1. They will figure it out. The sooner the better. Once the vale of delusion fades away most of them will realize who had brainwashed them for their entire life. That will be a Great Day in America.

  2. Not good. Being a man doesn’t mean rough and tough. That is caused by Mommy and Daddy issues. And that is the delusion that creates the feisty, angsty, neurotic, tail-chasing beta male. Masculine men are actually very laid back, confident, and gentle. Men are the teachers of sympathy and compassion, NOT women. Men are the ones who intuitively understand and tolerate mistakes and advocate second, third and even more chances. Men prefer for coaching and constructive criticism instead of bullying and degrading. Ditching this is insane.

  3. Firstly, Canada is still part of the British Monarchy. They ultimately take their orders from Westminster/Windsor. They SHOULD be the ones leading the ‘Brexit’ movement, but all I see are compliant colonialists. Trump’s WALL needs to encompass Southern AND Northern borders.

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