UN Demands Thomas The Tank Engine Becomes Gender Neutral

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UN suggest Thomas the Tank Engine becomes gender neutral

The United Nations has demanded that children’s TV show Thomas the Tank Engine eliminates the sex of its fictional trains so they become gender neutral. 

The change will mean the end of Henry and Edward, two of Thomas’s friends who appeared in the original books written by Rev Wilbert Awdry.

Express.co.uk reports: They are being replaced in the Tidmouth Sheds by two female engines including Nia – the first African engine, developed with the help of the UN.

Thomas will leave his home on the Island of Sodor for the first time for adventures abroad, in episodes that support the United Nations’ “sustainable development goals”.

But last night critics claimed Thomas has become the latest victim of an out-of-control culture of political correctness.

Former Tory minister Ann Widdecombe said she “could not imagine” why the UN would be consulted by programme makers.

She said: “I can’t believe people are being so po-faced about Thomas. Children aren’t interested in these sort of issues.”

And there was an angry backlash on social media.

Nia will be one of two new female characters as Thomas leaves Sodor for more exotic locationsOwen Richards wrote: “The books all already have a moral, as you would expect written by a vicar; you don’t need to consult the UN over kids’ TV!”

Another Twitter user wrote: “Yet another classic destroyed by this PC culture!”

The tradition of a Liverpudlian narrator – which began with Ringo Starr – will disappear, as will the theme tune and roll-call of engines.

The overhaul, which begins next year, is the most significant transformation since the TV version was first broadcast in 1984.


  1. Has the world gone mad! Next thing you know we’ll have gender neutral Barbie dolls etc. Kids need an identity, as we are always being told kids need good role models. How in the hell are they going to indentify with good role models if all there role models are unidentifiable.

  2. Part of the globalization program is to neuter everyone, create endless wars, dumb people into submission, continue butchering history, steal peoples property and heard them into over populated vertical cities with 200 square foot apartments, replace them with robots, create inter racial conflict to justify using military a police to control them, create an oppressive atmosphere of poverty, execute people in public without a trial, and tell everyone that they caused it, or it is for the greater good.. Sound familiar?? It’s past time to kick these people out of a civilizes culture. Meanwhile, hang on to your Thomas videos and books and pass them down. Something of this endearing period in time must be passed on.

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