California Installs Facial Recognition Cameras To Spy On Everyone

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California install facial recognition camera to spy on citizens

The California Department of Justice (CDOJ) has installed facial recognition systems all across the state in order to spy on as many citizens as possible.

The CDOJ spent one million dollars to install NEC’s NeoFace system, allowing the government to identify and track citizens in real-time.

MassPrivateI Reports:

According to the article, the CDOJ has been spying on everyone since April 26th., 2016.

What’s even worse is the CDOJ is paying NEC $650,000 every year in ‘support fees’. Which means Calif. taxpayers are paying $650K a year for the privilege of being spied on.

Is it a coincidence that NEC opened up a Biometric Center for Excellence in California and another one in Washington, DC?

California and the NEC call their new system the Integrated Criminal Justice Image System (ICJIS) which is actually run by DHS Fusion Centers!

“The Federal Department of Homeland Security is providing funding to states and localities to help support these Fusion Centers, which are equipped with surveillance, communications, and information technology systems…”

DOJ lies to Congress about facial recognition usage

According to page 8 of NEC’s, ICJIS document, when the contractors were finished with the installation they had to destroy all evidence (documents) of their collaboration with the CDOJ.

In other words, the DOJ is covering their tracks and doesn’t want the public to know how widespread their facial recognition surveillance system really is.

If the DOJ and police are willing to lie about facial recognition, has the Bill of Rights become a joke?

Facial recognition cameras identify and track people in real-time

Page 24 of ICJS document reveals, their cameras are capable of identifying people in real-time.

It’s also troubling to discover, that just about anyone can use these cameras to identify the public without a warrant. Page 27 reveals how law enforcement partners and public safety agencies have access to the cameras.

Page 27 also reveals that facial recognition cameras have the ability to track, watch or flag people.

And pages 33 & 34 reveal how the CDOJ uses the National Institute of Standard and Technology and the American National Standard for Information Standards to help them spy on everyone.

The state of Pennsylvania also uses NEC’s, JNET Facial Recognition Solution to identify everyone.

“The system serves more than 800 contributing law enforcement and other state offices in Pennsylvania and includes more than 250 capture locations, more than 2.5 million arrest records, and 38,000 web retrieval users sharing data records and mug shot images across the state’s WAN.” 

The Feds, are using corporations to spy on everyone, what’s wrong with this picture?

Courthouses, DMV’s, Social Services etc., to be equipped with facial recognition cameras

“Law enforcement, public safety, courts, corrections, probations, parole, DAs and public defenders, and even agencies like the DMV, Labor, Business Licensing and, Human and Social Services, are involved in criminal justice integration systems (CJIS) projects and are leveraging our tools to share data in real time.”

Two years ago, the Carnahan Courthouse in St. Louis began using police run facial recognition cameras to identify everyone.

“A group of current and retired St. Louis police officers developed the technology over eight years and recently formed a company, Blue Line Security Solutions, to market it.”

Court visitors are asked to pause at the gates and take off their hats, glasses or other obstructions, so facial recognition cameras can identify them.

Soon every government agency will have facial recognition cameras, unless we do something now.

Feds claim facial recognition cameras are for their security and safety

The Feds claim that “face recognition technologies can identify suspects and improve security and officer safety.”

Don’t believe them, facial recognition is all about control, knowing who you are and where you are.

Do you feel safer knowing the government is using corporations to spy on you and your family?

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