WEF Urges World Govt’s To Arrest Citizens Who Spread ‘Misinformation’ Online

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WEF orders governments to arrest citizens who spread misinformation online.

The World Economic Forum (WEF) has ordered world governments to begin arresting citizens who are caught spreading so-called ‘misinformation’ on social media.

According to a disturbing WEF memo, misinformation and disinformation disseminated via the internet must now be classified as “acts of terror.”

The memo warns the future of cybersecurity lies in stomping out all forms of non-mainstream content online. This introduces a novel perspective on the significance of locating and quashing fabricated information, cynically tagged as “mis”- or “dis-information” held in the cybersecurity domain.

Infowars.com reports: Various international conferences, both virtual and geo-located, were instrumental in shaping the insights of the study. Sessions held across the world, in conjunction with an online gathering inviting participants across Europe, were supposedly catalysts in outlining the futuristic, hypothetical scenarios catapulting cybersecurity to 2030.

The WEF report pushes digital security “literacy training” as quintessential to warding off the threats posed by misinformation and disinformation, referring to them as the “core of cyber concerns.” This is similar to controversial proposals for “media literacy” that are taking place across some governments, most recently California.

The authors opine that a widespread competence in internet literacy is the sine qua non in warred zones of data fraud and run-of-the-mill cybercrime.

The report’s writers unfold an interesting perspective where “stable governments,” with long-term tech and cybersecurity strategies up their sleeves, morph into reliable and trustworthy information gatekeepers. The study also puts the roles of government and the private sector in preserving trust under its lens, particularly in the US context, deliberating who should be entrusted with the key censorship task.

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