YouTube Acquiesces to Soros; Deletes Joe Rogan Podcast Featuring Alex Jones

Fact checked
YouTube deletes Joe Rogan podcast featuring Alex Jones following lobbying by George Soros group

YouTube deleted a channel hosting a Joe Rogan podcast within 3 hours of a George Soros organization demanding to have it erased.

Titled ‘The Free Speech Channel’ – the YouTube account hosted Alex Jones’ recent one hour interview with Rogan in Austin, Texas. reports Within 3 hours of a Media Matters hit piece urging YouTube to erase the channel, it was deleted.

No content had been uploaded on the channel for over 6 months, but it was wiped on the same afternoon that Media Matters published its hit piece.

Last year, Alex Jones was banned by virtually every major social media platform in one 48 period. Since then, Big Tech has ruthlessly enforced the ban, with big channels having videos removed for even mentioning Jones.

Media Matters is partly funded by George Soros, with the billionaire philanthropist having previously donated $1 million dollars to the organization.

Much of the group’s work is now centered around attempting to censor and deplatform conservatives. Media Matters recently tried to lobby Fox News to fire Tucker Carlson over offensive jokes he made 10 years ago.

The deletion of the Free Speech Channel once again highlights how YouTube is working hand in hand with left wing lobby groups to blacklist dissident content, debunking Google CEO Sundar Pichai’s claim in sworn testimony that the company doesn’t censor based on political biases.

A back-up version of the Rogan podcast that was deleted can be watched below.