Govt Medical Adviser Says It Would Be Very Surprising If UK Manages To Avoid Second Coronavirus Wave

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coronavirus Sir John Bell

Just as coronavirus restrictions are being eased across Britain, a scientific adviser to the UK government has issued a stark warning saying the country is not yet out of the woods.

Immunologist Sir John Bell said the “real question” to ask is how widespread the flare-up of infections will be, rather than if they will occur.

He claims that he would be “very surprised if we avoided a second wave.”

RT reports: John Bell – a professor of medicine at Oxford University and a member of the government’s coronavirus vaccine taskforce – told the House of Lords Science and Technology Committee on Monday, that the “real question” is not if, but how widespread a renewed flare-up of Covid-19 will be.

Given the lockdown has now been largely released, we are now back in action and we still have a pretty reasonable level of infections in the community, I would be very surprised if we avoided a second wave.

His sobering remarks come as the UK recorded its second lowest number (38) of Covid-19 deaths since the lockdown began on March 23. The decline in new infections and fatalities has prompted PM Boris Johnson’s administration to ease lockdown restrictions, with non-essential shops reopening their doors on Monday morning.

The professor – an immunologist and geneticist – also suggested that any attempts to understand whether people who had contracted the disease have acquired any immunity, would have to be made via testing during a “second wave.”

The committee also heard from Mauro Giacca – a professor of Cardiovascular Sciences at King’s College London – who revealed the chilling effect of Covid-19 on human organs, saying it leaves people’s lungs unrecognizable.

Giacca told the committee: “What you find in the lungs of people who have stayed with the disease for more than a month before dying is something completely different from normal pneumonia, influenza or the Sars virus.”

The UK’s death toll sits at 41,736 – the third highest in the world – behind the USA and Brazil. Many critics of the UK government’s strategy say they were too ill-prepared for a pandemic, too slow to lock down society, had fundamental failures around testing, tracking and tracing, and experienced issues with personal protective equipment (PPE).


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