Joe Biden: ‘White People’ Can Never ‘Fully Understand’ Racism

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Joe Biden said that "white people" who try to understand racism can "never fully, fully, understand no matter how hard we try.”

Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden told a black church that “white people” who try to understand racism can “never fully, fully, understand no matter how hard we try.”

The former vice president paid a visit Sunday to the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama, to commemorate the shameful 1963 bombing that killed four young black girls, according to CBS News.

And then he promptly shamed himself.

WesternJournal report: In a typical Democrat speech about the forces of “white supremacy” in the country’s history — typical in the sense that he didn’t explain that the Democratic Party has been the main conduit for racism over the centuries — Biden brought himself to a new low not only by implicitly comparing the country’s current racial relations to the worst of the past, but also by essentially declaring that skin color limits intellectual ability.

He didn’t say that outright, of course, but that’s exactly what the words he used implied.

“The domestic terrorism of white supremacy has been the antagonist of our highest ideals since before the founding of this country. Lynch mobs, arsonists, bomb makers, lone gunmen,” Biden said, according to Business Insider.

“And as we all now realize, this violence does not live in the past,” he said.

In fact, that kind of violence largely does live in the past. While no place on earth is perfect, and nowhere is immune to tribal problems between human beings, the United States of 2019 is a far sight better than the United States of even 50 years ago back when Biden’s political career was beginning.

Despite the outrages of El Paso, Texas; Pittsburgh; and Charleston, South Carolina, “hate crimes” today seem to be more likely to be of the Jussie Smollett variety than the kind of “lynch mobs, arsonists and bomb makers” Biden mentioned.

Then he got to the worst line:

“Those of us who are white try, but we can never fully, fully, understand no matter how hard we try.”

It’s the kind of line in a speech that probably sounds good in a speech. And it’s the kind that will play well on the evening news.

It’s got pretend guilt, it’s got pretend remorse, and it’s got a very real kind of racism — the only kind of racism that’s widely accepted in the United States today: The idea that having white skin somehow makes it impossible to understand parts of the human experience, or even the English language.

Are there ways that certain parts of American history resonate with blacks more than whites? Of course there are. In the same way that statistics about the Holocaust can resonate with American Jews more than gentiles, or the stories about the Potato famine can resonate with Irish Americans more than others, for that matter.

But to “understand” – to even “fully, fully understand” — what racism is or what the role of the Democratic Party’s insistence on white supremacy has played in the country’s history doesn’t require black skin.

It’s not necessary to have white skin and a Republican ancestor who died in the Civil War to stamp out slavery in order to understand that racism is against not just the founding ideals of the nation but the current laws of the land.

All it requires is the ability to conceive of the fact that humans are individual beings, with their own distinct impressions and experiences of the world. And it requires the ability to respect that.

Those are two qualities that are sorely lacking in today’s Democratic Party — driven by identity politics and groupthink, where individual identity is sublimated to skin color or what kind of reproductive equipment one happens to be born with (or “identifies” with at any given moment).

But they’re integral to humans outside of politics, and they’re independent of skin color.

And then there’s the heart of the issue.

Of course, it’s possible Biden didn’t really mean what he said.

In fact, it’s fully, fully possible that he didn’t mean a word of it and that the whole line just sounded like a good one to deliver in a black church on the anniversary of an atrocity committed in the name of keeping the Democratic Party’s stranglehold on power in the South intact.

It was still a statement that was shoddy even by Biden’s shoddy standards.

The fact that it’s gotten plenty of play in the media says a lot about shoddy journalistic standards are.

Other than Biden’s assumed but unproven “electability,” his polled popularity among black voters is about his biggest weapon in the still-crowded Democratic primary field.

If he thinks he has to pander for black votes, he’s going to do so. But it’s doubtful even Biden can get more pandering than this.

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