CPS reviewing case against Ashya King’s parents

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Home Secretary Theresa May said (at house of commons) that she understood the Crown Prosecution Service was reviewing the case against Ashya King’s parents, as she spoke.

A CPS spokesman said: “Once this evidence has been thoroughly examined, a decision will then be made as to whether a prosecution is required.”

Earlier Nick Clegg  said “the full force of the law” should not thrown at the parents of Ashya King and called for the family to be reunited, according to BBC report

Conservative MP,  Tim Loughton has called on the CPS to drop the case against Ashyas parents by the end of today

David Cameron has called for Ashya King to be reunited with his family and said seeing pictures of the five-year-old boy brought back memories of his son Ivan.

Brett and Naghmeh King are being held in prison in Madrid, 300 miles from where their son is being treated for a brain tumour.

More than 100,000 people have signed an online petition demanding Ashya be reunited with his parents.

The petition was delivered to Downing Street by friends of the King family

Update : CPS seeks to withdraw arrest warrant on Ashya King parents

The Crown Prosecution Service is seeking to withdraw the arrest warrant for the parents of brain tumour patient Ashya King, a High Court judge has been told.

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