Tucker Carlson: The New World Order Controls Biden – Afghan Collapse Was an Inside Job

Fact checked
Tucker Carlson reveals the New World Order controls the CIA and FBI

Tucker Carlson told millions of viewers this week that the New World Order controls the U.S. government and the collapse of Afghanistan was all part of their master plan for the Middle East.

“Like Joe Biden himself, they have no memory of anything that happened three months ago,” Carlson said, referring to the U.S. intelligence agencies rallying behind Biden.

“You announce a fake inquiry into something you have absolutely no interest in learning more about, and then you bet on the fact that everyone will forget that inquiry exists.”

“Maybe that’s the real purpose of the intel agencies, actually: not to gather intelligence, but to provide political cover to the politicians who control them.”

“The intel world may be partisan and deceitful; it certainly is, but we’re betting they’re not completely stupid.”

“That’s the beauty of using the intel agencies for cover; you get to make any claim you want to make and no one can prove you’re lying because the truth is highly classified.”

“Anything could be true, assuming truth still exists. Pretty smart.”

“They knew what was going to happen, but they did it anyway.”

“The moment the US government stops serving U.S. citizens is the moment the U.S. government becomes illegitimate…. Does Joe Biden understand that?”



    • Don’t worry about Tucker. He is controlled opposition. He is tasked to gain our confidence, so we can be head faked at a later date. Don’t bother listening to him. You will do yourself damage. Ask yourself, Are you in a better situation after listening to his show? are you safer? are you smarter? the answer will be NO. but you will be more stressed, more angry, more hopeless. this is his task. to drive you down. quit falling for it. the NWO will fail on its own. it will not succeed. Best just life your life day by day and walk with the most high. Tucker is a loser.

  1. That is rich, the NWO controls Tucker. They have bought everything. they installed all their member into all corporate boards, and they follow commands from the leadership of the NWO. they care not about profit anymore.

  2. The OWO=luciferian Bankers, they own the money=they lend all the money for wars, They stopped giving the USA money and want the USA to default on the trillions they lended them for all our Middle East wars. just takes a disaster or 2 to do thats the USA will, because the Bankers rule the world. Lucifer rules the Bankers. The USA will go bankrupt. On 2/20/22, it will begin, due to Yellowstone ‘s potential, making the USA no longer worthy of investment. Just use it to make illegal 4 since JFK died=drugs/Porn/satanism becomes American pie. Just raid the treasury. If the bankers want war they lend the money=they decide all wars and they decide who they lend enough to to win wall wars. They want China to replace the USA. They want the muslims/Talaban in Afghanistan, to wipe out the Christians. Then the Chinese will come and wipe out the Muslims next. They want a one world religion=worship of the antichrist who you will all believe is good “a savior” when it is evil like you always do. It’s the devil trick to destroy you, works every time. They tell you wars are good and you are heroes. The truth is you are turning happy people of God with souls’ homeland into a living Hell and they are your victims=innocent people tortured, maimed, put in prison for no reason=children raped and tortured, that is America, people losing everything, families gone, everything gone no food, water, gas or medicine. They tell you evil=satanic rituals of Blood sacrifice like war is good. They raped all the virgin women and stole all they could and babies died or became orphans and then adrenochrome. The banks took back all the victims people’s money. You hated innocent people and felt PRIDE, the devil has you. Look around at your disasters=”it looks like a warzone”that is Karma, you destroy yourself when you destroy others. Karma comes by Nature=not by human choice=it is the result of human choice. When you kill life=you become surrounded by life-killing energy/not climate change=KARMA. Now it’s America’s turn just like the Profit of God said, Duduman: America will burn. You get back what you give. In the end you will be shocked by who wins ww3. The Bankers have already decide that America will be totally destroyed first in WW3 beginning with a civil war=totally faked one. America belongs to satan now, once you believe evil is good, you are his forever.

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