Tucker Carlson: The New World Order Controls Biden – Afghan Collapse Was an Inside Job

Fact checked
Tucker Carlson reveals the New World Order controls the CIA and FBI

Tucker Carlson told millions of viewers this week that the New World Order controls the U.S. government and the collapse of Afghanistan was all part of their master plan for the Middle East.

“Like Joe Biden himself, they have no memory of anything that happened three months ago,” Carlson said, referring to the U.S. intelligence agencies rallying behind Biden.

“You announce a fake inquiry into something you have absolutely no interest in learning more about, and then you bet on the fact that everyone will forget that inquiry exists.”

“Maybe that’s the real purpose of the intel agencies, actually: not to gather intelligence, but to provide political cover to the politicians who control them.”

“The intel world may be partisan and deceitful; it certainly is, but we’re betting they’re not completely stupid.”

“That’s the beauty of using the intel agencies for cover; you get to make any claim you want to make and no one can prove you’re lying because the truth is highly classified.”

“Anything could be true, assuming truth still exists. Pretty smart.”

“They knew what was going to happen, but they did it anyway.”

“The moment the US government stops serving U.S. citizens is the moment the U.S. government becomes illegitimate…. Does Joe Biden understand that?”