Drifting Iceberg Sparks Fears Of Giant Tsunami In Greenland

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Tsunami warning issued in Greenland as giant iceberg alarms scientists

Authorities have evacuated residents in Greenland after fears a tsunami could strike due to a drifting iceberg nearby. 

Residents of the Innarsuit island settlement have been urged to evacuate their homes immediately.

“We fear the iceberg could calve and send a flood towards the village,” Lina Davidsen, a security chief at the Greenland police, reporters on Friday.

Telegraph.co.uk reports: The settlement in northwestern Greenland has 169 inhabitants, but only those living closest to the iceberg have been evacuated, Ritzau reported.

“The iceberg is still near the village and the police are now discussing what do to next,” Kunuk Frediksen, a police chief in the Danish autonomous territory, told AFP.

The incident comes weeks after scientists at New York University shot and released a video of a massive iceberg breaking free from a glacier in eastern Greenland in June.

Last year, four people died and 11 were injured after an earthquake sparked a tsunami off another island settlement called Nuugaatsiaq, sending several houses crashing into the sea.