Russia Say US Is Keeping ISIS Facilities A ‘State Secret’

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Russia accuse US of keeping ISIS facilities a state secret

The Russian Defense Ministry have strongly denied allegations that Russian Warplanes in Syria are bombing non-terrorist targets in Syria, and have alleged that the US are keeping the whereabouts of key ISIS facilities a “state secret”.

Russian Defense Ministry Spokesperson, Igor Konashenkov, said on Thursday, “If we analyze what various US officials say, there is an impression that the location of terrorist-held facilities is the most classified state secret in the United States. Representatives of the Pentagon and the State Department keep mentioning them all the time without specifying their exact location“. reports:

Once again, he stressed that the Russian air group in Syria was not bombing regions or areas but objects of terrorist infrastructure.

Konashenkov recalled that Russia had officially handed over maps with detailed information on terrorist-controlled regions and facilities to the military attaches of countries members of the US-led coalition.

“Please note that neither the State Department nor the Pentagon has denied the information which we provided to them. Therefore, I believe, that comments are unnecessary,” the Russian Defense Ministry spokesman concluded.

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