Officials Close Orthodox Jewish Daycare In NYC For Refusing Access To Vaccination Records

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New York City’s Health Department has shut down an orthodox Jewish day care center for violating a city order amid the measles public health emergency.

The day care center in Williamsburg was shuttered for repeatedly refusing to let health officials inspect its medical records

Just before the closure on Monday, Orthodox Jewish families in Brooklyn filed a law suit against the city, accusing public health officials of overstepping their authority by ordering all people in Williamsburg to be vaccinated for measles .

The suit seeks to lift the health department mandate forcing immunization,

23 other daycares and yeshivas have also received violation notices.

RT reports: The United Talmudical Academy in the Haredi neighborhood of Williamsburg, Brooklyn failed to “provide access to medical and attendance records,” the health department said, which made it impossible to check whether the school has been excluding staff and students who aren’t vaccinated against measles.

A public health emergency was declared in four areas of Brooklyn last week to deal with the measles outbreak, the worst the city has seen since 1991. The areas affected are largely in Ultra-Orthodox Jewish communities.

All children over six months of age were required to get the measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine, and parents who didn’t comply could be fined $1,000. Schools were told to only accept vaccinated children and to keep medical and attendance records that authorities can have access to.

There have been 329 confirmed cases of the measles, a highly contagious disease, in New York since October, and 44 new cases since the emergency declaration last week. No deaths have been reported, but 25 have been hospitalized, with six sent to the intensive care unit. The health department is concerned more cases may occur as families gather for the upcoming Passover holiday.

Ultra-Orthodox Jewish communities are showing resistance to the vaccine drive, with information circulating that the jabs are ineffective or harmful. The Orthodox Jewish anti-vaccine group Parents Educating and Advocating for Children’s Health (PEACH) claims doctors hide evidence that vaccines are linked to swelling, paralysis, and death.


  1. What is NOT erroneous is the 1 in 35 occurrence of childhood autism in NJ according to the CDC. If its not an epidemic, then I don’t know what is. When you accept studies paid-for by the vaccine manufacturers, you will get the conclusions that they are paying for. The cigaret manufacturers, Monsanto, and Big Pharma have been snookering us for decades because their advertising budgets buy media silence.

  2. If we all followed what the Jews do we would be a LOT healthier. Not only are they probably more privy to what’s going on than the average man, but their diet is so much healthier than ours. We all know pork is full of parasites and seafood full of mercury and other horrors. With the kosher requirements they put up a barrier to all the shit processed foods that we all consume readily – which is total madness. Why would we trust these big food corporations, which are only about money, to give us decent nutrition? They don’t, and they are right not to. They are equally right not to accept the money-making scam that is the vaccine industry.

    • only one thing wrong with your THEORY…….lol….they are NOT ACTUALLY JEWS….They are Khazarians……they have no connection to the twelve tribes…..but hey you wouldn’t even know what the twelve tribes refers to….lol…you dope…. lol

  3. Naimh, there was nothing erroneous about the vaccine paper in the Lancet, and all the doctors – bar Wakefield – who sued got their positions back. Wakefield was out of time and out of cash so couldn’t sue, though he too would have won. He was absolutely right and, had he been listened to rather than vilified, we might not now be looking at 1 in 68 as the number of children being born impaired. Note that while the remainder of the medical profession is defending their position and “science”, they are doing nothing to tackle the obvious disaster facing them. To do that they would have to climb down from their high horses and forgo holiday ‘conferences’ in the Caribbean. This should tell you exactly whose side they are on.

  4. still reckon the so called JEWS run the world?….I think not……if they did this would never have happened….

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