James Perloff: Deep State’s Hold Over Trump Is Worrisome

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James Perloff describes Trump's recent trips to Saudi Arabia and Israel as a symbol of the Deep State's Zionist hold over his administration

James Perloff has described President Trump’s recent trips to Saudi Arabia and Israel as a symbol of the Deep State’s Zionist hold over the Trump administration.

In an interview with Muslim Press, Perloff says that Trump’s alignment with the two countries clearly defines the Deep State’s power bloc in the Middle East.

“I think most observers would agree that Saudi Arabia and Israel are enjoying alignment that is unprecedented for the two. Both support the war on Syria, yet neither accepts Syrian refugees.”

Muslimpress.com reports: Here’s the full text of the interview:

Muslim Press: By backing Saudi Arabia’s vision of the Middle East, is Trump worsening sectarian conflicts in the region?

James Perloff: Absolutely. Before the Trump visit, Saudi Arabia already had the world’s fourth-largest defense budget, trailing only the U.S., China and Russia. Some sources put it ahead of Russia.

The Trump deal for the Saudis is $110 billion now, and $350 billion over 10 years. Given that no one is threatening Saudi Arabia, it is not possible to contrive any justification for this level of weaponry. It will obviously be used for offensive purposes, as in Yemen now. Americans are tired of our military fighting endless wars destabilizing the Middle East, so the Deep State probably decided that it is more practical for the destabilization process to continue through proxy states. In all frankness, Trump is fulfilling the Yinon Plan for Greater Israel, which calls for all of Israel’s neighbors to be Balkanized into small states that are harmless (to Israel), and yes, this would mean “worsening sectarian conflicts in the region.” I think it is actually more about Israel’s vision of the Middle East than Saudi Arabia’s.

MP: What’s your take on his direct flight from Saudi Arabia to Israel? Does that show an improvement of ties between Riyadh and Tel Aviv?

James Perloff: First of all, Trump had already received Netanyahu at the White House less than a month after his inauguration. So it seems absurdly redundant to have yet another state visit between the two so soon.

Trump has a long history of Zionist connections, including his Israeli TV ad for Netanyahu’s reelection, his daughter Ivanka’s conversion to Orthodox Judaism, his stated objective to move the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, his appointment of pro-occupation hardliner David Friedman as ambassador to Israel, his appointment as “special assistant” Avraham Berkowitz (cousin of the former president of AIPAC), etc. Trump’s inaugural speech was followed immediately by the first-ever benediction by an Orthodox rabbi (who spoke of “Zion” and “Jerusalem”). Even in Trump’s Easter message, Christians were consigned to second place, as Trump began the message with Passover greetings and praise for Israel. We could go on with details like this for quite some time. It is especially spooky to see Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner constantly lurking in the background, including on this trip. Kushner is a 36-year-old real estate developer with no qualifications in diplomacy. He is member of the Jewish supremacist group Chabad Lubavitch, and some suspect he is a Mossad mole.

So, yes, this direct trip from Saudi Arabia to Israel is defining the Deep State’s power bloc in the Middle East. The Saudis have long been a U.S. proxy state, propping up the petrodollar, and ironically the U.S. is an Israeli proxy state. I think most observers would agree that Saudi Arabia and Israel are enjoying alignment that is unprecedented for the two. Both support the war on Syria, yet neither accepts Syrian refugees.

MP: How would Trump’s support for Saudi Arabia change the Syrian conflict?

James Perloff: Even Wikipedia acknowledges that Saudi Arabia provides more weapons to the anti-Assad forces than any other nation. Trump’s weapons deal can only mean an increased flow of these arms. We also know, of course, that Israel supports ISIS in Syria and wants Assad out. I had hoped that Trump would live up to his non-interventionist campaign rhetoric, but the missile strike on Shayrat airbase, followed immediately by Secretary of State Tillerson’s repetition of the “Assad must go” mantra, proved that Trump is simply another neocon in the mold of John McCain, Lindsey Graham and even Hillary Clinton.  I expect that the Deep State now anticipates that the trilateral force of America, Israel and a strengthened Saudi Arabia, will overwhelm Assad, fulfilling its long-desired goal of removing him, with the subsequent destabilization, Balkanization, and exploitation of Syria. Hopefully Syria, with continued Russian support, will resist this foul objective.

MP: What’s your opinion about that huge arms deal with the Saudis? How does each side benefit from this deal?

James Perloff: As I was saying, there is no legitimate justification for the deal. The benefit to the Saudis is increased hegemony in the region; there is no benefit to America except for arms manufacturers. Trump is saying it will “create jobs” to persuade his followers to support the deal, but there are innumerable other (and better) ways to create jobs.

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