‘Extreme Heat & Humidity’ Blamed For The Sudden Deaths Of Thousands Of Cattle In Kansas

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The deaths of around 3,000 cows has been blamed on the soaring heat and humidity that hit Kansas this week.

The deaths, which are both a financial and emotional loss for cattle farmers, have been centered in southwest Kansas where “several weather factors…led to heat stress for cattle,” a department spokesperson said.

Yet cows are incredibly resilient and frequently endure the high temperatures that the Midwest is experiencing right now. So why are thousands of cattle suddenly dropping dead? Some experts are warning that the sudden cattle deaths might be part of a sinister plot to create mass food shortages in America.


Hitc reports: Several reports circulating on the internet claim that 3000 head of cattle have sadly lost their lives as a result of heat stress. However, greater damage has been suggested based on the data obtained from farmers and livestock experts.

The rising temperature in Kansas has raised concern and the final death count is yet to come in, according to DTN.

One heartbreaking video showing the carcasses of cows widely circulating on Twitter claims that 3000 head of cattle have died due to the heat in Kansas.

We are not embedding the video here due to its disturbing visuals, but Kansas State officials stated on Tuesday that the confirmed death toll of the cows is ‘at least 2000.’

But, other reports have claimed that an estimated 10,000 cows have sadly succumbed to heat and humidity.

Based on the data obtained by livestock experts, DTN has reported that the “current heat wave blazing through Kansas feedlots has killed an estimated 10,000 head of fat cattle,” as of Tuesday (June 14).

The temperature in the area was reported to be more than 100 degrees Fahrenheit over the weekend.

At the time of writing, the exact number of deceased cattle in Kansas has not been confirmed.


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  2. FEED LOTs at this time of the year are just begging for cattle looses/body heats/no wind/fatting builds body heats/Humidty helps to cool not heat live stock and many feed lots and slauter houses have overhead sprinkler systems to cool the live stock.DRY heat kills not humidity.BUT trying to fattin your live stock in feed lots in the DOG days of summer is just plan DUMB.Thats why all grass fed is better and makes more money anyway

  3. DOG DAY FEEDLOTS mean the cattle market is BOOMING and they are trying to market as fast as they can as the prices are sky high time to cash in.But thier haste made waste as they try to jack the prices even more fattening cattle that should have been grass fed only if taken to market in the summer DOG DAY HEAT

  4. NO SHADy and NO cooling ponds or flooding as humidty is good and cooling whereas DRY heats kills like a sand dune. feild or feed lot cattle losses?meat markets are sky high but thier over head is to so many ranchers are selling off thier herds and grass isn`t growing well in many states

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