Jada Pinkett Smith Says ‘White Supremacy’ Responsible for Cleopatra’s Terrible Audience Score

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Jada Pinkett-Smith blames white supremacy for Cleopatra flop

Jada Pinkett Smith says she blames ‘white supremacists’ for the flop of her new Netflix docudrama series, Queen Cleopatra, which has one the worst audience ratings in U.S. television history.

The show has an abysmal 1% approval score. It also caused a huge backlash in Egypt by inaccurately portraying Cleopatra as a black woman.

As part of Jada’s “woke” crusade, she forced the show’s producers to change the race of Cleopatra to match her own.

“Cleopatra was Greek, which means she was fair-skinned, not black,” former Egyptian Minister of Antiquities Zahi Hawass pointed out.

Slaynews.com reports: According to The LA Times: “Cleopatra was born in the Egyptian port city of Alexandria in 69 BC and succeeded her father in 51 BC to rule until her death in 30 BC amid the expansion of the Roman Empire.

“Egyptologists have confirmed that she was Macedonian-Greek on the side of her father, Ptolemy XII, but her maternal heritage is less clear; little is known about her birth mother’s ethnic origin.

“Historians have said it’s possible that she, or any other female ancestor, was an Indigenous Egyptian or from elsewhere in Africa.

“…Egyptian lawyer Mahmoud al-Semary filed a complaint with Egypt’s public prosecutor to request that Netflix be blocked in the North African nation due to the promotion of ‘Afrocentric thinking,’ including ‘slogans and writings aimed at distorting and erasing the Egyptian identity.’”

Hollywood doesn’t care about historical accuracy as long as the show is a hit among “woke” audiences.

However, Smith’s new show is a dud.

One reviewer said:

“It is hard to take this ‘documentary’ seriously when there are errors in just about every scene.

“Ancient Egypt existed for three and a half millennia, and the Ptolemaic period of Greek control and its involvement in Roman policies, especially the Roman civil wars is a very specific period.

“For example, no Egyptian was spoken at the court, Greek was spoken.

“But getting costumes wrong, getting basic timelines of battles (like Actium) wrong, placing Cleopatra at events we know she was not present at, mixing up things done by Anthony with those done by Octavian and an unending series of errors just makes this impossible to watch.

“It is clear no experts, or even anyone with a basic knowledge of the history of the time and place was involved, or if they were, their advice was inverted.

“The dialogue is also laughably childish, as is the acting.”

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