Jada Pinkett Smith Says ‘White Supremacy’ Responsible for Cleopatra’s Terrible Audience Score

Fact checked
Jada Pinkett-Smith blames white supremacy for Cleopatra flop

Jada Pinkett Smith says she blames ‘white supremacists’ for the flop of her new Netflix docudrama series, Queen Cleopatra, which has one the worst audience ratings in U.S. television history.

The show has an abysmal 1% approval score. It also caused a huge backlash in Egypt by inaccurately portraying Cleopatra as a black woman.

As part of Jada’s “woke” crusade, she forced the show’s producers to change the race of Cleopatra to match her own.

“Cleopatra was Greek, which means she was fair-skinned, not black,” former Egyptian Minister of Antiquities Zahi Hawass pointed out.

Slaynews.com reports: According to The LA Times: “Cleopatra was born in the Egyptian port city of Alexandria in 69 BC and succeeded her father in 51 BC to rule until her death in 30 BC amid the expansion of the Roman Empire.

“Egyptologists have confirmed that she was Macedonian-Greek on the side of her father, Ptolemy XII, but her maternal heritage is less clear; little is known about her birth mother’s ethnic origin.

“Historians have said it’s possible that she, or any other female ancestor, was an Indigenous Egyptian or from elsewhere in Africa.

“…Egyptian lawyer Mahmoud al-Semary filed a complaint with Egypt’s public prosecutor to request that Netflix be blocked in the North African nation due to the promotion of ‘Afrocentric thinking,’ including ‘slogans and writings aimed at distorting and erasing the Egyptian identity.’”

Hollywood doesn’t care about historical accuracy as long as the show is a hit among “woke” audiences.

However, Smith’s new show is a dud.

One reviewer said:

“It is hard to take this ‘documentary’ seriously when there are errors in just about every scene.

“Ancient Egypt existed for three and a half millennia, and the Ptolemaic period of Greek control and its involvement in Roman policies, especially the Roman civil wars is a very specific period.

“For example, no Egyptian was spoken at the court, Greek was spoken.

“But getting costumes wrong, getting basic timelines of battles (like Actium) wrong, placing Cleopatra at events we know she was not present at, mixing up things done by Anthony with those done by Octavian and an unending series of errors just makes this impossible to watch.

“It is clear no experts, or even anyone with a basic knowledge of the history of the time and place was involved, or if they were, their advice was inverted.

“The dialogue is also laughably childish, as is the acting.”


  1. Unfortunately, a portion of the population believes everything they are told by the democrats and their media accomplices and have no problem speaking that crap to their audience. To me, it’s a clear beacon of who is low vs high IQ

  2. Typical “I can do no wrong” black racist narcissism. Also, they’re not even hiding the concerted effort to erase history and rewrite it where blacks ran the world and invented everything until cast into slavery by evil whites.

  3. Darn those couple of thousand white supremacists in America. I wonder if the FBI”S fake white supremacist squad that marched in DC the other day watched?

  4. Good lord, who cares? We have more important concerns than entertainment.
    The government is murdering hundreds of thousands of citizens with experimental GMO injections, and permanently injuring millions more.
    The government is giving away all our tax money, i.e. labor, to start war with Russia.
    They are importing millions of illegal aliens, including criminals and people with dangerous diseases.
    They are letting black flash gangs, People of Color, steal so much that stores are closing all over, and San Francisco has been completely destroyed.
    They are forcing homosexual transvestites down our throats, daily.
    We just don’t have time for your shite.

    FYI JADA… Its possible people won’t watch it because just more Hollywood crap. TV and movies are a huge waste of time and life.


  6. The only way these brainless idiots know how to infect the useless minds of the sheeple is by DISCRIMINATING against people with other views than their own sick and perverted fantasies!!

  7. Yes I personally was at the last Secret White Supremacy conference, you know
    the one with all the robes, confederate flags and secret handshakes and stuff.
    Number one on the agenda was how we were going to kill this netflix Cleopatra hokum,…
    After that we spent the rest of the time conspiring with our insiders at big pharma
    on a way for white people to be able to jump higher, so that we can rightfully
    take back the NBA from all these kneeling unamericans.

  8. The truth is, that Cleopatra was White and Greek, and the Egyption people she ruled over were black.

  9. Jada, Cleopatra was fair skinned, not black, and your husband slaps people. No one wants to watch you!

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  11. JADDA will get the oscar anyway and will will Slap any MF whom glimps on her as he should MF`er

  12. Woke is a Disaster. Although there is merit that Cleopatra was indeed a woman of color. They use is as a way to divide and incite.
    It’s a shame because she is a very pretty girl who I’m sure just wanted work, not push an agenda.

  13. LOL. There is a far more simple explanation… it just a crap movie. I mean… that abomination of a movie Cats got a higher rotten tomatoes score then queen cleopatra.

  14. ‘Racism’ A Tool Of the Devil To ‘Divide To Conquer’. We Are The Human Race With A Common Enemy – GENESIS 3:15; JOHN 8:44; REVELATION 12:9, 17

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  15. NETFLIX was NEVER any part of american TV HISTORY!!!! and is not even rated at all.Plus no BOX office for any internet.SO lies lies and more lies

  16. NETGITCH`s production values are about like this site NONE NONE and none and no one has ever got a Star rating online

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  20. Egypt is hardly a land of white supremacists, and yet the protests were loudest there. Jada really needs to ask herself ‘why?’

    • she knows “why”…it just hurts her feelbadz to admit it…so, white supremacists it is…

  21. Inserting black characters into history to make yourself feel better is pathetic. Why not make films about real black historical figures?

  22. Hilarious. She should ask the Black community where they’re at. You don’t need White people for it to be successful just have all Black people support your show….or maybe, just maybe, they hate it too and think it’s just not good.

  23. What a nice girl! but look out for her husband,he will slap the fat bags right off of your face!.Seen it on TV for myself!!!!

  24. My understanding is that Egypt itself took issue with this misrepresentation of their culture. Who would have guessed Egypt was so full of White Supremacy.
    Seriously, the ‘racist’ slur is all these stupid n!&&ers have left.

  25. The race card is all she’s got.
    When affirmative-action & quota mandates fail to fraudulently elevate the “entitled” crowd – they scream racism into their echo chamber.

    Enjoy your woke failure smith.

  26. ‘White Supremacy’ is the cause of

    1. global warming

    2. homelessness

    3, rescission

    4. immigration at our southern boarder

    5. bank failures

    6. not to mention covid 19 and perty much all the problems that effect the known world.

  27. Would she object if a documentary was made of MLK Jr and they cast a Greek man to portray him? Of course she would.

    To the Egyptians this is the same thing. And she lumps them in with “white surpremacists”? LOL.

  28. White supremacists did not watch this movie.
    Democrats did and realized it was HORRIBLE!

  29. This white supremacy BS is getting old! It is highlighting those that are really racist though!

  30. Casting a black woman to depict a Greek woman is like casting Dolly Parton as Michelle Obama.
    Will Smith should knock some sense into her.

  31. We all knew this was coming.
    Now Egyptians are white supremacists.
    I won’t be surprised when told the Southern border is being invaded by white supremacists.

  32. White supremacy has nothing to do with Mrs. Smith’s show bombing. It’s a lazy, catch-all excuse that’s been done to death. It’s also vacuous of her to claim a dissipated, colonial holdover from Alexander’s conquest of Egypt as one of her own race. I suspect Cleopatra was chosen, because she’s the most famous ruler of Egypt after King Tut (who, himself, wasn’t that much of a ruler and is only famous, due to his tomb being the first one discovered that was entirely intact and not raided.) Black-washing Cleopatra was also done to gin up controversy for more attention, which is the only thing that move accomplished.

    From the footage I’ve seen, the production values are sub-par–the makeup & wardrobe look cheap. The project doesn’t do any favors to Mrs. Smith’s pet cause of promoting African queens, either. I’d love to see a show about Hatshepsut, the female pharaoh who was a key builder of the Egyptian Empire, many centuries prior to Cleopatra losing the realm to the Romans, but now, I’d rather not see Mrs. Smith have any part of such a project–ditto Yaa Asantewaa, one of the commanders of the Ashanti forces fighting the British in the War of the Golden Stool at the turn of the 20th Century. Mrs. Smith’s team would likely screw those up, too.

  33. This was a show made for the same kind of idiots who think WAKANDA could have ever been possible.

    Cleopatra Black? Just insane craziness…..
    Jesus was black? Just insane craziness…..

    Next thing you know, we will have some idiot who thinks a man can be a woman; just because someone said so.

  34. I’m sure it has nothing to do with everyone knowing how much of a piece of trash she is.

  35. Woke has become a Joke; it’s so laughable the lengths they go in their virtue signaling competition.

  36. Jada nor Adele are BLACK lol, it’s silly. And again Cleopatra was not Black. If you wanted to do a movie about a Egyptian or Nubian queen, you could have. But even then you cannot put idiotic American black social constructs onto those people either. And lets be real Arabs are not the original Egyptians either.

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