Bill Gates’ Synthetic Meat “25 Times Worse” For Climate Than Beef, Study Finds

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Bill Gates says humans will eat synthetic beef

Bill Gates’ lab-grown synthetic meat is far worse for the environment than beef, according to the disturbing results of a new study which raises the question – what is the real reason the elites so determined for us to switch to 100% synthetic meat?

Synthetic meat has been heavily promoted by Bill Gates and the globalist elites at the WEF as the solution to so-called climate change.

In a 2021 interview with MIT Technology Review, Gates argued that “all rich countries should move to 100% synthetic beef” in an effort to meet the green agenda goals of the WEF.

However, this fake food has now been shown to cause cancer via the immortalized cell lines used to manufacture it.

The results of a new study provide more bad news for Gates and the elite. According to a team of scientists at the University of California, Davis, lab-grown meat’s “green” credentials are not what people have been led to believe.

Researchers have revealed that lab-grown, also known as “cultured” meat, produced by cultivating animal cells, is up to 25 times worse for the climate than real beef.

Green agenda activists contend that the production of conventional meat carries a substantial “carbon footprint” due to its water and feed requirements, as well as the deforestation necessary for cattle farming.

Nevertheless, experts caution that the carbon footprint of lab-grown meat could be significantly higher than traditional, real beef, once the industry expands.

Although lab-grown meat has not yet been made available to the public, scientists are actively cultivating meat products in laboratories with the intention of commercializing them.

The recent research was conducted by a team of scientists at the Department of Food Science and Technology, University of California, Davis.

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This study has been published as a preprint paper on the bioRxiv server and is awaiting peer review.

“Currently, animal cell-based meat products are being produced at a small scale and at an economic loss, however, companies are intending to industrialize and scale-up production,” the scientists say in the paper.

“Results indicate that the environmental impact of near-term animal cell-based meat production is likely to be orders of magnitude higher than median beef production if a highly refined growth medium is utilized.”

Lab-grown meat is different from plant-based “meat,” which is not meat at all but uses vegan ingredients such as vegetable protein to replicate the look and taste of real meat.

Lab-grown or “cultured” meat is generally seen as more ethical than real meat because it requires a sample of body tissue rather than the death of the animal.

Although, many vegans and vegetarians will not touch it because it is made of animals.

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