Joe Biden Needs Help Getting Up After Falling Off His Bike

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Biden on bike

President Biden fell off his bike after cycling near his Rehoboth beach home in in Delaware on Saturday morning.

A lot of people had something to say about the incident and while it’s unkind to mock an old man for falling off his bike, the episode is a little worrying when Biden is the man who is allegedly in charge of the United States of America….

According to reports, the president had trouble removing his shoes from the bikes’ pedals.

Or was it really Russia’s fault?

The Gateway Pundit reports: Secret Service agents swarmed the fallen commander-in-chief as he needed help in getting back up.

Feeble Joe Biden quickly got up and chatted with the reporters and Delaware bystanders. He said he will talk to Xi soon and is in the process of making up his mind on tariffs, a Bloomberg reporter tweeted.

The internet weighed in immediately about the incident.


      • At his age and condition I doubt he can do much of anything in a sexual sense, other than fondle children like the demented pedophile he is. Considering his predilection for aneurysms, he is probably on blood thinners that make “classical” sexual activity impossible.

  1. Look at his legs Little dangly bits of stringy jello that he hasn’t even used for walking for decades. Floppy flabby weak useless appendages that can’t even carry his bony old skeleton up a flight if steps
    He hasn’t actually ridden a bike since he 6.

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