Mom Catches Pedophile Kidnapping Child, Blows Holes In His Throat With Handgun

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A notorious international pedophile has been found "inches from death" by police after a Virginia mother blew two holes in his throat with a handgun after he tried to kidnap her young daughter. 

A notorious international pedophile has been found “inches from death” by police after a Virginia mother blew two holes in his throat with a handgun after he tried to kidnap her young daughter. 

The furious mother found convicted child sex offender, Troy Skinner, attempting to enter her daughter’s bedroom armed with duct tape, pepper spray and a knife, and was forced to take immediate action.

Troy Skinner, 25, from Auckland, New Zealand, had carefully planned the attack which involved flying halfway around the world to kidnap the young girl, who he had “groomed on the internet“, according to Goochland County Sheriff Jim Agnew.

Mistakenly believing neither of the child’s parents were at home, Skinner smashed a glass door at the family’s home in Hollis Hills using a brick and tried to force his way into the terrified child’s bedroom.

However the girl’s mother was home at the time, and according to Sheriff Jim Agnew, she grabbed the family .22 caliber handgun and blew two holes in the pedophile’s throat.

According to Sheriff Agnew, Skinner’s actions left the mother with no option besides shooting him, saying:”All I can say is the manner in which he attempted to enter that home in the face of a firearm pointed at him and the implements we recovered from him – the only inference is that he had very bad intent.

“His arrival here was totally unexpected by anyone.

“He had been told in the past that the daughter no longer wished to communicate with him.

According to reports in New Zealand media, the Goochland County sheriff said Skinner bought the knife and duct tape from Walmart after arriving in the US.

The girl’s mother saw a man trying to enter her home, warned him several times she had a gun, then fired after he broke the glass on the second door and tried to forcefully abduct her daughter.

Skinner was struck twice in the neck and remains hospitalized at VCU Medical Center, his life hanging in the balance, according to authorities.

Sheriff Agnew made it clear that regardless of whether Skinner survives or not, there will be no charges filed against the mother.  In the opinion of local law enforcement, she is a hero — not to mention an excellent marksman.

I have to emphasize very clearly, that while he may be … in the hospital [with a gunshot wound], he is not the victim.

The lady [who shot Skinner to prevent him from entering] and her family members are the victims.”

New Zealand Police are aware of the incident regarding Skinner and will assist US authorities as necessary in throwing the full weight of the law against the international pedophile.

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