The Mystery Of The Missing People At Yellowstone Supervolcano

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Why are hundreds of people going missing in and around Yellowstone Park, and why is nobody talking about it?

Hundreds of people keep going missing at Yellowstone volcano site

This video explores the disturbing and eerie cases of the literally hundreds of people who have gone missing in and around the Yellowstone park. 

Worryingly, requests for FOIA documents on these people are being suppressed and denied by the government. What is it they are trying to hide, and where have these people disappeared to? reports:

There is no record of ANY missing person within the National Park Service Database, because they are instead followed by local PD only–and these are mostly small, rural town PD’s, not the larger cities, or the hometowns of the “disappeared”.

Requests for FOIA documents are being suppressed. When requested by a published author, to defray the cost of FOIA records(as is the law), they are being assessed up to million dollar assessments–this is illegal.

In some cases, the government is flat refusing to release information. Also against the law, if no criminality is suspected.

Mostly these people are listed as “missing presumed dead”.

Most of these cases also involve dogs–used as trackers and search agents–when given the scent, the dogs refuse to search.

When the few are found, and are alive, they are often found in areas with swamps, briar patches, that have previously been searched extensively, often with military SAR and Green Beret assets. They are found with all clothing removed, with “some” type of fever, and with a mental disability.

They are all age groups and both genders. Disabled individuals as well.

Some of the more prominent locations are:

Crater Lake
Mount Rainer
Lake Tahoe
Travis Zewig-Pinion Pines
Sierra Nevadas
Sequoia-Kings Canyon
Glacier National Park
Rocky Mountain National Park
Great Smokey Mountain National Park
Pinedale WY
McKean PA
Arkansaw State Park

The State of PA and WY have the largest number of missing kids–by far–these are not abductions–they simply have “vanished”

There are 35 “cluster areas” in the US where the most people have been identified–and no clues to the disappearences have been found–they are simply–“gone”

I watched the entire video, and got chills. This presentation is by an ex-LEO detective–someone well versed in missing people.

It is completely unexplained–but the most chilling part ot me is the evidence of apparant cover-up by our government of information about these people–that they refuse to release.

It is well worth your time–to inform yourself.

Something is very definitly —-not right here.