Israeli Air Force Called In To Target One ‘Armed’ Palestinian On Gaza Border

Fact checked

Israel bought in the might of their air force to kill a single “armed terrorist”on the border with Gaza

The Palestinian man was spotted approaching the border fence early Thursday morning.

The Israel Defense Forces said the man was inside the northern Gaza Strip, but he was getting close to the border when its aircraft fired at him.

Thee Israeli Army said in a statement: “Overnight, an IAF aircraft targeted an armed terrorist adjacent to the security fence in northern Gaza”

The statement added that Israel Defense Forces (IDF) operations against “terrorists” will not allow “any harm to the security of Israeli civilians.”

At least 21 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli forces since they started Land Day protests last Friday.

RT reports: It is unclear what kind of aircraft or how many were dispatched for the operation. The Palestinian who came under Israeli fire succumbed to his injuries in Shifa Hospital in Gaza City, the Palestinian Health Ministry says.

This is only the latest case in which the Israeli military has rolled out its military might to target a handful of Palestinians. Last Friday, before the massive protests called ‘The Great Return march’ kicked off, an IDF tank volley killed one Palestinian and critically injured another after they approached the border fence.

Israel has only confirmed the shooting and said it was looking into claims that a person died as a result. The Palestinian Health Ministry said that those targeted were actually farmers.

Prior to the Friday protests, Israel warned Palestinians that it is prepared to use live ammunition against anyone trying to breach the border fence, even deploying over a hundred snipers to the area. Tanks, however, are apparently becoming the weapon of choice for the IDF, as another Palestinian was killed on Wednesday.


  1. Im amazed at how much Cooper got 100% right. After he figured out what was right and what had been deliberately fed to him. The event that precipitated the loss of all freedom as a result of a false flag event. The continuous ever more invasive spying. I was never able to hear his show. My loss. The only thing I dont think he reported on was all the pedophilia/blackmail to rule congress & DOJ.
    Did he ever complete the book on Viet Nam?

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