Angela Merkel Calls For EU Army Led By Germany To Defend Europe

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Angela Merkel Calls For EU Army Led By Germany To Defend Europe

Angela Merkel is again calling for the European Union to create its own army warning that the bloc will not be able to rely on others to guarantee its security any more.

She believes that the US and UK are both too weak now that Donald Trump is about to enter the White House and Britain is about to leave the EU

The Express reports:

The Berlin chief said Brussels will have to take on “more responsibility in the world” as she predicted a cooling in trans-Atlantic ties under the eurosceptic President-elect.

And describing Brexit as “emotional” for her she urged the remaining 27 member states to use Britain’s decision to leave to railroad through ever closer military cooperation.

Mrs Merkel made the remarks as she picked up honorary degrees from two Belgian universities which were awarded in recognition of her work towards a ‘unified Europe’.

They come as eurocrats continue to press forward with plans for much closer European cooperation on military matters – a so-called ‘Defence Union’ – which is seen by most observers as the back-door creation of an EU army.

EU chiefs were recently forced to drop controversial plans for a joint military headquarters in Brussels after Britain pledged to veto them, but Mrs Merkel hinted they will be back on the table immediately after Brexit.

Concerns have been raised that an EU army will fatally undermine NATO – the western military alliance which has kept peace on the continent for 50 years – by creating a competing command structure.

But Mrs Merkel insisted such a force will need to come into being in part because of the indifference of Mr Trump, who takes office on January 21, towards the entire euro project.

She said: “Let’s not fool ourselves. From the point of view of some of our traditional partners – and I am thinking here as well about the transatlantic relations – there is no eternal guarantee for a close cooperation with us Europeans.

“I’m convinced that Europe and the EU will have to learn to take on more responsibility in the world.”

The German leader insisted that only Brussels, and not individual member states, can successfully solve global problems, citing defence issues including Russian aggression in Ukraine.

She said: “Europe is facing the biggest challenges for decades. It would be naive to always rely on others to solve the problems in our neighbourhood.”

In a speech to delegates in the Belgian capital she also addressed the issue of Brexit, which she said was an “emotional moment” but also presented Europe with the opportunity to press forwards with its military plans.

She said: “We should see this decision as an incentive to work together, to hold Europe together now more than ever.

“We must not be allowed to divide ourselves apart. The 27 have to appear together in the negotiations.”


  1. Sure, first you create a problem and then hand the solution.
    In EU terms that is, first start problems all over the world side to side with the USA. Go bring peace with bombs in places we have nothing to do and citicens of that country are perfectly alright. Acuse Putin of all there’s wrong with the world. I mean Putin is even to blame if someone in Europe burns their toast these days.
    And, when finaly, after decades of deceit in the white house, now the people picked someone who already did more good before the inaugeration than all presidents together in 30 years, now the EU needs his own army.
    This is such a load of BS! Brussles wants their own army as in, forever, they only needed a reason for more hysteria so the sheeple will understand it’s in their best interesest.
    Well dear Frau Merkle, WE DON’T BUY IT!!!!!!!!!!

    It’s time for the Kalergi plans to get back in the closet, better yet, burn the plans.
    It’s not up to Brussels, Soros or who ever, to forse plans on us because you THINK you know best.
    Why don’t you, dear Frau Merkel and the rest of the NWO just F*CK off!!!!!

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