Congress Blasts Michael Avenatti: “Your Client Is NOT Credible – Stop Emailing Us”

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Congress blast Michael Avenatti, telling him his client is NOT credible

Creepy porn lawyer Michael Avenatti has been ordered to stop emailing false, baseless sexual assault allegations to Congress. 

The Senate Judiciary Committee’s chief counsel for nominations issued a scathing response to Julie Swetnick’s attorney’s plea to “respond to our requests.”

“Stop playing games,” Avenatti wrote in a Tuesday email to Mike Davis. “If you are the Chief Counsel, then you need to do your job. Please respond to our requests.”

Fed up with the constant false claims from Avenatti, Davis responded the following blistering email:

“We have already reviewed your client’s allegations. We focus on credible allegations. Please stop emailing me.

“Thank you,

“Mike Davis.” reports: Swetnick’s claims have increasingly come under fire as her own credibility has been undermined by both recent interviews and her own past actions.

So much so, in fact, that Louisiana Republican Sen. Bill Cassidy on Tuesday recommended an FBI investigation into Swetnick for making false statements about Judge Kavanaugh.


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