Military Whistleblower Exposes Huge Heart Failure Spike in Vaxxed Personnel

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A US military whistleblower has warned the American people about a huge spike in cases of heart failure among vaxxed service members.

The brave whistleblower has chosen to shun anonymity and identified himself as active-duty Navy Medical Service Corps officer Lt. Ted Macie.

Earlier this year, Macie anonymously disclosed data from a Pentagon medical database showing a huge and officially unexplained spike in the rate of myocarditis in the military in 2021. Myocarditis is a known side effect of Covid mRNA shots.

Severe myocarditis weakens the heart so that the rest of the body doesn’t get enough blood, according to Mayo Clinic. Clots can form in the heart, leading to a stroke, heart attack, or cardiac arrest, often ending in death.

According to Macie, cases of myocarditis skyrocketed after the military mandated COVID-19 vaccines for service members. U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin mandated the vaccines in 2021, a requirement that remained in place until Congress forced its withdrawal in late 2022.

Now Macie is going public to raise the alarm among his fellow citizens.

He has also released new data showing a substantial rise in accidents, assaults, self-harm, and suicide attempts in the military in 2021.

The data shows a significant spike compared to the average from 2016 to 2021, including a 147 percent increase in intentional self-harm incidents among service members.

Lt. Macie revealed that he started “keeping an eye on” a defense medical database when another whistleblower alerted him to soaring health-related incidents in the winter of 2021/2022.

The Defense Medical Epidemiology Database (DMED) is a depository of all diagnoses.

The data is recorded using the International Classification of Diseases (ICD) codes.

The database is accessed when an active service member is seen on- or off-base by a military or civilian provider. It does not include any personally identifiable information of service members.

In January, Macie and his wife took a report of the data he collected from DMED and traveled to Washington D.C. to blow the whistle.

The report shows that diagnoses of myocarditis jumped 130.5 percent in 2021 when compared to the average from the years 2016 to 2020.

The data also showed spikes in diagnoses of pulmonary embolism (41.2 percent), blood clots in the lungs, ovarian dysfunction (38.2 percent), and “complications and ill-defined descriptions of heart disease” (37.7 percent).

Macie downloaded the data almost a year after the Pentagon said it fixed a data corruption issue with the DMED, according to the Epoch Times.

In 2022, other military whistleblowers reported shocking spikes in disease rates after the introduction of the COVID-19 vaccine.

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