Canadian Gov’t Promoting ‘Twincest’ Movie About Twins Who Fall in Love and Have Sex

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The Canadian government funded a movie with the working title “Twincest” by queer director Bruce LaBruce about two gay male twins who are separated at birth and later meet, fall in love, and have sex.

LaBruce came up with the new and final title, Saint-Narcisse, which helped lead it to be successfully funded not only by Telefilm Canada but the folks at CBC Films.

That’s right. Justin Trudeau’s WEF-infiltrated Canadian government is using taxpayer dollars to fund movies which glamorize incest.

Inspired by the Greek myth of Narcissus, Saint-Narcisse is set in 1970s Quebec and follows two young men (both played by the same actor, Félix-Antoine Duval) who discover they are identical twins separated at birth.

One of the young men is in the process of getting to know his birth mother, while the other is trapped in an abusive gay convent. When the twins finally meet, sparks fly.

A scene from Bruce LaBruce’s Canadian taxpayer funded movie Saint-Narcisse.

“The new narcissism really kind of needed to be addressed,” LaBruce says of the new movie. “The two twins are raised, one in the city and one in a monastery. And then one in the city, Dominic, he is constantly taking Polaroids of himself and he doesn’t really know why he’s so self-obsessed. And it’s because he has this twin, which he finds out later.

“But when they meet, they look at each other as if it’s in a mirror. And they end up having sex with each other.”

Klaus Schwab boasted in 2017 that the WEF had completely infiltrated the Canadian government and since then Justin Trudeau and his deputy Chrystia Freeland, both of whom were WEF Young Global Leaders, have pushed one WEF policy after another on the Canadian people.

First Canada became the euthanasia capital of the world, with the state determined to euthanize anybody they consider useless including children. Then Trudeau worked Canada further into the WEF’s good books when he began freezing bank accounts of pro-freedom protesters involved the trucker protests.

Now Trudeau’s Canada is laying the groundwork to normalize incest and other sexual perversions under the banner of diversity and inclusion.

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