Fox News Injects ‘Poison’ Into American Society, Claims CNN Reporter

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CNN senior reporter Oliver Darcy claimed Fox News boss Lachlan Murdoch is guilty of spreading poison in society.

During Sunday’s so-called “Reliable Sources” on CNN, the network’s hatred for the far more popular Fox News boiled over as CNN senior reporter Oliver Darcy lashed out at Fox and accused network bosses of of injecting “poison” into American society.

Darcy’s hate-filled attack was teed up by his boss and “Reliable Sources” host Brian Stelter who celebrated how the White House wasn’t doing interviews and insisted it meant there would be fewer lies floating around:

“You know what’s interesting, the White House declined all these interview requests today. They declined CNN and all the broadcast networks. No White House aides are out on television defending Trump. Unfortunately, that means—actually, in a good way, that means there’s less disinformation. There’s less misinformation being spread to the public today, because the White House declined to give interviews.”

Darcy sneered in reply:

“Although, a lot of what we saw last week was a lot of these talking points really fall apart when they entered the real world. Whereas, they still are allowed to thrive on Fox. And I actually kind of wonder, Lachlan Murdoch, you know, the head of Fox, how does he really look at himself in the mirror every morning knowing that that poison is his contribution to society?

Claiming he was being “honest” in his skepticism, Darcy added: “I can’t understand how he does it.”

But as Grabien Media founder Tom Elliott pointed out on Twitter, “The ‘poison’ Darcy’s referencing is reporting on Democratic efforts in 2016 to get Trump dirt from Ukraine (a topic many media outlets have covered).”

Stelter, the media dung sweeper that calls Fox News “state-run media” and allows his guests to falsely claim President Trump has killed more people than Hitler, Stalin, and Mao combined and lets them curse out Fox News, offered up no push back; telling his underling, “That’s pretty strong, Oliver.”

Strong isn’t the word. Hypocritical is closer to the point.

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