Madonna To Protest Tennessee Law Banning Sex Change Operations & Drag Shows For Kids

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Madonna has added a Nashville date to her forthcoming “Celebration Tour” in protest against the introduction of anti LGBT+ bills in Tennessee.

On Monday, Madonna labeled the “so-called laws to protect” children as “unfounded and pathetic.”

This is the same Madonna who was recently accused of trafficking and sexually exploiting children in Malawi.

Earlier this month, Tennessee’s Republican governor Bill Lee signed into law bills banning all transgender treatment for children and public drag shows.

The move means there is a total ban on all gender-affirming health care for kids in the state including sex change operations, cross-sex hormone therapy, and puberty blockers.

Lee also signed off on a new law bannng ‘adult-orientated’ entertainment, like drag shows, from public property and in the presence of children. From April 1, such events can only take place in age-restricted venues.

Breitbart reports: On Monday, Madonna announced eight additional stops on “The Celebration Tour”. She said that she was “especially happy” to be making a stop in Nashville on 22 December to “celebrate the Drag and the Trans community”.

“The oppression of the LGBTQ+ is not only unacceptable and inhumane, it’s creating an unsafe environment; it makes America a dangerous place for our most vulnerable citizens, especially trans women of color,” Madonna said in a statement, which was reported by Variety.

“Also, these so-called laws to protect our children are unfounded and pathetic. Anyone with half a brain knows not to fuck with a drag queen. Bob [the Drag Queen] and I will see you from the stage in Nashville where we will celebrate the beauty that is the queer community.” (Bob the Drag Queen — a former contestant on RuPaul’s Drag Race — is opening for Madonna during the tour.).

Madonna said she would donate some proceeds from the December 22 concert at Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena  to transgender groups, but didn’t specify which ones.

She is the latest celebrity to react to legislation in several states designed to protect children from the transgender and drag queen ideologies that the left is aggressively pushing via public education and the entertainment media.

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