Le Pen: Pope Francis Is A ‘Globalist Bulldog’

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Marine Le Pen lashed out at Pope Francis in a recent interview, calling him a globalist bully determined to usher in the New World Order.

French presidential frontrunner Marine Le Pen lashed out at Pope Francis in a recent interview, calling him a globalist bulldog determined to end the era of the nation state and usher in the New World Order.

Criticizing the Pope for pressuring nations to open their gates to unlimited numbers of migrants, Le Pen accused Francis of asking states to disregard their own citizens.

In an interview with La Croix International, the leader of the Front National ripped Pope Francis for asking “that states go against the interests of their own people by not placing conditions on the acceptance of significant numbers of migrants”.

The 48-year-old added that, in her view, the Argentine cleric’s pronouncements on immigration exceed his role as a religious leader.

To me, this falls within the realm of politics and even interference, since he is also a head of state.

Pope Francis is technically a foreign leader as Sovereign of the Vatican – a walled city-state with some of the strictest immigration and citizenship rules in the world.

Pope Francis dedicated his Easter prayer on Sunday to the plight of migrants and victims of racism. He told crowds at Rome’s Colosseum: “Christ, our only saviour, we turn towards you this year with eyes lowered in shame.

However according to Le Pen, the Pope should stop using his platform to push the global leftist agenda and spend more time offering spiritual guidance.

Asked about her own religious views, Ms. Le Pen said: “I have a strong faith and I am fortunate in that I have never doubted it.

“However, I admit that I am angry with the Church because I think that it interferes in everything except what it should really be concerned with,” she added.

Asked about a potential second-round election against Emmanuel Macron, a centre-left politician, Le Pen said she was licking her lips at the prospect.

He is an unashamed globalist who wants to speed up the total opening of borders, free-exchange, and the evisceration of France in favour of private and financial interests.

“I, on the other hand, propose a return to the nation-state, the most effective structure to ensure security, prosperity, and democracy, and to protect our identity.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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  1. The plight of the child victims of pedophile Priests is rarely mentioned by this psychopathic hypocrite. Pope Francis should support the migrants by giving them food and shelter in Vatican City. The Italian Govt. needs to revoke the tax exempt status of Vatican City State and of the Church properties to help pay for the plight of the migrants.

  2. LISTEN TO THE GRUB POPE.. the leader of peddo’s and homosexuals… the hoarder of wealth …. the poisoner of minds…. the illuminati stooge… while millions and millions of people worldwide starve and are homeless he sits in his ivory tower counting all his money… how about the piece of shit sell some of the Vatican gold and feed the starving people of rome.. and the streetkids of rome… then when he has fed them he can move on to the starving in naples… and all the other cities in Italy where people are destitute.. then he can instruct the catholic church worldwide to do the same.. at the end of the day he has to ask himself………..WHAT WOULD JESUS DO??.. the pope is a slave of satan…. nothing more nothing less..

  3. Le Pen est certain. Le pape est un serviteur de George Soros, l’Ordre du Nouveau Monde. Le multiculturalisme que le pape prêche est le même drapeau du monde à gauche. Le but est de mélanger les cultures indigènes des pays européens avec d’autres cultures et religions et détruire la culture ancienne des Européens. Besoin français de soutien à Le Pen, car il travaille à ramener la France à la paix et la tranquillité. Si le continuer à gauche ou centre-gauche au pouvoir de l’Etat, les Français sera dominé par les musulmans.

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