[VIDEO]: Incredible Double Impact Crater In Sweden Finally Identified

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It has finally been proven that a pair of craters in Sweden were created at the same time by a rare double impact from two meteorites that crashed into Earth 450 million years ago.

From GeoBeats News:

New research has uncovered a pair of impact craters in central Sweden near the current-day city of Östersund.

Scientists have found that they were likely formed over 450 million years ago when two meteors simultaneously crashed into Earth.

The larger one, which is 4.7 miles in diameter, is about 10 miles away from its much smaller companion which is just under half a mile wide.

While the land they are on is currently dry, around the time of the collision, it was submerged under an ocean of water 1,600 feet deep.

For about a hundred seconds after the impact, the area is thought to have been completely cleared until it was re-flooded with water, meteorite fragments, and byproducts of the combustion.

The team was able to prove a simultaneous impact by showing that the two craters have comparable layers of rock and sediment within them and that the layers above the impact site are dated to the same time.

Though other double impact craters are thought to exist, this pair is the first to be confirmed through scientific proof.

Dozens of meteorites have been found in other areas of Sweden.

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