Rep. Steve Scalise Confirms Funding For Border Wall

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Rep Steve Scalise confirms Congress will fund Trump's border wall

House Majority Whip Steve Scalise has confirmed that Congress will add $5 billion in funding for Trump’s border wall. 

The announcement comes after President Trump refused to sign the bill that came from the Senate last night. reports: Ryan Nobles: Steve Scalise confirms House GOP will add $5b in funding for border security + money for disaster relief to current CR. When he was told there is likely not enough votes for that to pass he said: “that’s a negative attitude.”

Congressman Scalise says GOP leaders are talking to a lot of members to whip the votes.

PERGRAM: Scalise on government funding & if they have the votes for the new plan: “We’re talking to a lot of members now.”

$5 billion for border wall and $8 billion for disaster relief.

Earlier Thursday, Rep. Mark Meadows, VP Mike Pence, Rep. Mo Brooks, Rep. Paul Ryan were all seen entering the White House for a meeting.

Paul Ryan emerged from the meeting and said President Trump will not sign the interim spending bill that came from the Senate last night.

President Trump now put a tremendous amount of pressure on the House to provide border wall funding in the bill or it’s lights out in less than 48 hours.

If the House approves of the bill with the new changes to include border wall funding, it goes back to the Senate to get approved.

The State Department has already been directed to prepare for a shutdown, reports FOX News.