Fertility Rates In Australia Plummet To All-Time Low as Vaccination Rate Hits Record High

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Fertility rates in Australia have plummeted to an all-time low, according to recent data, at the same time as the country announces record-breaking Covid-19 vaccination rates, with over 95% of the population fully vaccinated.

The number of births recorded in public maternity facilities has experienced a significant decline over the past two years, prompting concerns about the sustainability of the population.

According to a report from Australia’s 7 News, the Australian fertility rate is “currently at around 1.7, below the 2.1 rate needed for a stable population.

During the first three months of this year, the number of births in public maternity wards in New South Wales was the lowest since records began.”

Australia isn’t the only heavily vaccinated nation suffering from rapidly declining fertility rates.

As The People’s Voice previously reported, experts have been raising the alarm in Japan as the fertility rate plunges to dangerously unsustainable levels.

The Japanese population is now shrinking as excess fatalities have increased death rates to outweigh the number of people being born.

According to CNN, Japan’s fertility rate of 1.3 is far below the rate of 2.1 required to maintain a stable population.

It’s a familiar story throughout East Asia.

South Korea’s fertility rate — already the world’s lowest — dropped yet again last year in the latest setback to the country’s efforts to boost its declining population.

Experts on baffled on the cause of the plummeting fertility rates in fully vaccinated countries.

The corporate media argues that low immigration numbers in Asian countries are causing populations to shrink.

They also argue that “climate change” is impacting birth rates.

Some globalist experts insist that people are holding off starting a family due to fears of another pandemic or the so-called “climate crisis.”

However, they fail to explain why fertility rates began falling off a cliff in the past two years.

According to independent journalist JD Rucker, the establishment media and their allies are ignoring the obvious.

“Ever since the rollout of Covid-19 ‘vaccines,’ evidence started emerging that they caused reproductive damage to recipients,” Rucker writes.

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